Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deff Rollicious

Hey-o, working on fixing up my list in light of the FAQ.

Warboss-powerklaw, cybork body, bosspole
Big Mek-kustom force field

Burnaz-12, 2 Meks

Nobs-7, 2 PKs, Painboy, Waagh! Banner, 2 kombi-skorhcas, bosspole, Battlewagon w/ big shoota, deff rolla, boardin' plank
Shootas-20, 2 big shootas, Nob w/ PK, bosspole
Shootas-20, 2 big shootas, Nob w/ PK, bosspole
Grots-10, runtherd

Fast Attack
Deff Kopta-tl rokkits, buzzsaw
Buggies-2 w/ tl rokkits
Buggies-2 w/ tl rokkits

Heavy Support
Battlewagon-big shoota, deff rolla, boardin' plank
Battlewagon-big shoota, deff rolla
Battlewagon-big shoota, deff rolla


Not maxing on Deff Rollas, but 4 is plenty, yes?

Boss goes with the Burnaz for Ld and PK power, Big Mek rides with the Nobs.

We've got 4 wagons rolling up to grind people's faces, 2 Loota squads to blast light armor, Buggies for mobile firepower/movement blocking/annoyance, an alpha strike Kopta, and Grotz for good measure.

Burnas are amusing to me, with the Warboss in tow they make up for their big issues (no bosspole, shit Ld, nothing above S4) and can either BBQ anything or carve things up.

Should be fun.

And hey, remember at all times that while this seems to be crazy good, remember that in order to get in kill range, I have to get my open-topped narrow-as-hell transport within 12", otherwise known as melta happy-land. KFF or no, a BWagon within 12" goes boom. It gets better when I have to waste a ram going after an empty Rhino or, even worse, a Speeder dodging and stopping me in my tracks.

The Deff Rolla working as Gork (or possibly Mork) intended doesn't catapult Orks into awesomeness, it just gives them a better chance against heavy armor. All the problems are still there, it's just giving us a little crutch to prop the Codex up until we can get something better.

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