Friday, November 12, 2010

What I'm Up To

This may come as a shock to some, but I haven't been updating all that much.  I know y'all are missing out on your daily dose of awesome that is me and I apologize.  Things have been quite hectic.

So, just to recap you all on the ongoing drama that is my life:
The Familaya is moving down to Dallas, TX.  Mombalaya got a sweet gig after earning her PhD back in May and Dadalaya is starting his new career down there.  Cool beans, right?  Not so much when you're me, trying to decide if I'm staying in Rochester or going down with them.  It'll be my first time living alone so trepidation is expected.  It also doesn't help that they've been hemming and hawing over going to Dallas, Maryland, or parts unknown.  We really won't know for sure until next week.  So, until then, we have to prepare to move somewhere, and all the drama that entails.  Even if I do stay in Rochester, I won't have a place until January and I'll be helping my family settle in down south.  Transitional period FTL.

Problem is, the movers are coming this weekend.  Yes, that's right, all our shit is to be packed up and on a truck by Saturday.  Same weekend as DaBoyz GT, oh joy. 

This has been going on for the past couple months.  It's why I had to miss the Battle for Salvation, it's why I haven't been in school this past semester, it's why I haven't touched my models or a paintbrush in a month, and it's why I may end up missing DaBoyz GT. 

Too much shit going on and it's driving me mad.  I really hope we can finish packing everything by tonight, otherwise I'm SOL for the GT. 

Moving is a bitch.


Loquacious said...

I concur. Much Suckage and general unpleasantness can be had while changing domiciles. Sympathies and hopes for better situations soon.

Big Bad Garou said...

=( Maryland is nice. Virginia is better. Hint hint nudge nudge =P

stjohn70 said...

Yeah, but if you move to Dallas, then you'll be that much closer to Austin - the Center of Gaming Awesomeness (tm)!