Monday, October 15, 2012

Nova 2012 GT: Round 6

Sorry about the delay folks, let's dive right in.

Game 6 featured Hammer and Anvil deployment with Quarters > Objectives > Kill Points.  Further, the mission used modified Scouring rules, allowing Fast Attack to count for quarters but not objectives.

My opponent was Sisters with allied GKs. 
3x 10 Sisters w/ multi-melta, flamer in Rhinos
10 Dominions w/ 4 flamers in Rhino
10 Seraphim w/ hand flamers
2 Exorcists
10 Retributors w/ heavy bolters
Bastion w/ quad gun
Gun-servitor and monkey henchmen
monkey henchmen in Rhino
Dreadknight w/ teleporter

I might have missed something, but you get the point.  Lots of bodies, lots of shooty and shenanigans from faith and Coteaz.

I figure here I can use the boyz to hold up midfield while my shooty units shred armor and force enough saves to drop the girls.  Finally, my Tomb Blades will get some use as late objective grabbers.

I get stuck going forst, so I deployed my A Barges out of sight in the middle with boyz heavy on one flank  to go after his bastion and corner objective.  Zahnny and his friends sit on an objective while the Lootas/Kannonz/Tomb Blades sit on another.  He responded with Retributors in the bastion, Coteaz and friends on top with the quad gun, Sisters camping a nearby objective, Exorcists in the back and the other 2 units along with the Seraphim on the opposite flank.

I advance and shoot with limited effectiveness.  He shunts the DK in the middle of my army, killing a handful of boyz and preparing for retaliation.  That effing DK proceeds to laugh off my entire army's firepower and dives into combat, continuing to enjoy impervious armor and eventually dragging down a whole mob.

While the DK was busy shrugging off everything, the Seraphim sneak up to nail an A Barge with an absurdly long charge.  Retributors whittle down the other boyz mob while Coteaz prepares to gun down a Scythe.  The Scythes arrive, shrug off the quad gun and proceed to blow it up.  The combined dakka of 5 Tesla Destructors wipes out the Seraphim and drops Celestine. 

The Deathmarks made their...mark by wiping out their target unit as well as a weakened unit nearby.  Exorcists drop to haywire and an objective is wrested from the Sisters. 

Later on, I run out the Tomb Blades to grab a quarter, failing to remember that Jokaero sport heavy flamers.  The DK finally falls after killing 30 boyz and the Mek, the Retributors send the other mob packing, the Dominions arrive and die horribly and the bastion-side objective remains untouched.

And to top it all off, Celestine hops back up on the last turn (7) and wipes out my Orky fire support, losing the quarter and giving him the 2-1 win.  I would have won on objectives and KPs and tie breaker, but that's the way it goes.

I made some pretty crucial mistakes here, easy stuff that would win the game.  Simply detaching Zahndrekh and skipping 3" to the adjacent quarter wins it.  The Tomb Blades were expended wastefully, another easy quarter controlled.  The Orks should have simply tied down the DK all game, even if it passed every save it would be useless.  I also noticed that I was extremely reliant on my Scythes after losing just one Barge.  Without the board presence of Orks and Barge, my army didn't have much of anything outside of the buttery croissants of death.

So endeth my Nova GT.  Next time I'll catch up on the Narrative events, some local tournies, my thoughts going into Feast of Blades and some new Chaos fun.


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