Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WarGamesCon 2013

Hey, this is still a blog right?

Howdy folks, long time no see.  I just flew in from WarGamesCon and boy are my arms tired.  Coming up I'll be doing a series of battle reports and analysis on the event (heh, anal).  For now, here's my stupid army and the stupid list to go with it.

HQ (580)
Zahndrekh (185)
Obyron (160)
Destroyer Lord - warscythe, mindshackle scarabs, sempiternal weave (160)
Royal Court - Harbinger of Eternity w/ Chronometron, Harbinger of the Storm w/ Lightning Field (75)

Troops (420)
Immortals - 10, gauss blasters (170)
Warriors - 5, Night Scythe (165)
Immortals - 5, tesla carbines (85)

Fast Attack (450)
Canoptek Acanthrites - 9 (450)

Heavy Support (400)
Nightshroud Bomber (225)
Doom Scythe (175)

Total - 1850

Watch this space.  Internets are happening.


Padr3hidalg0 said...

Great times! That bomber guy is a prick btw.

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