Monday, August 24, 2009

First e-mail

Yayz, we've got our first e-mail!

"Hey, Ravendove at LO here.
Nice blog, looking forward to reading it! What kinda competitive tactics articles will you be doing - just focusing on the Big Three (Orks, Chaos Lash, Vulkan SM)? Or branching out to the lesser races?

Hey thanks for the kudos, hopefully I'll have some more substantial content to offer as time goes on.

Mostly we'll be focusing on the armies we own, or at least play against most often. I have Orks, Marines/Dark Angels, Guard, and Daemons while wodawg has just Tyranids currently (looking at Space pups I hear). I have used pretty much every army at some point though, excluding some of the obscure White Dwarf variant lists and the Inquisition books, so hopefully I can offer insight for most people.

There's definitely more to competitive 40k than just those 3 builds (I don't even consider Orks and Lash all that useful to be honest), I think most of the Codices bring something to the table and can be made viable with the right picks and some solid play behind it.

Now there's an idea, analyzing the "Big Three" and looking for ways to give seemingly less powerful books a fighting chance.


Josh said...

Congrats on your first E-Mail!

I finally got my first one too ;)

Any ways still wishing the best of luck to youall and just want to let you know if you need any help in the Tyranid department I would be happy to help. I am sure that your brother is good with them but another point of view couldn't hurt right ;)

As you know my blog is here:

Shoot me an e-mail sometime if you need anything!

Chumbalaya said...

Thanks for the shameless plug, if we need any advice on advertising we'll know who to go to first :P

More perspectives never hurt, that's why we do this blogging thing anyway (certainly not for fame, fortune, and loose women)

The_King_Elessar said...

Really? I do it for the pussy...

Yeah, chicks dig Mind War FTW...and then they see Anduril...