Saturday, January 9, 2010


There was a tournament today, first of the year. I wanted to go, but I made a couple promises to myself on the 1st of the year. One of them was never going to a tournament without a painted army, and I aim to keep that one. I've got too much stuff lying around unpainted or even unbuilt. With tournaments alternating between 40k and Fantasy every month, that gives me 2 months to get my models up to snuff.

For the Fantasy I'll be bringing my Skaven, all I'm missing is a Furnace and some conversions (Jezzails and Weapon Teams). All told, around 150 models is a daunting prospect, but I need to discipline myself and I can get it done.

For 40k I'll get my SW cav army done. It's just down to getting another box of Chaos Knights, converting them and my other marines and getting it all painted.

Should be fun, and I'll be documenting my progress as it happens.


Mercer said...

You taking Orks?

Chumbalaya said...

I will eventually, but it's a lot of models to paint.