Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Set Sail for Fail!

So today we had our big pow wow at the FLGS to toss ideas around and figure out how the tourney series is being run this year. I tried to show everyone that having a competitive, balanced tournament is not only easier to run, but fair and arguably better. I'm talking about comp, or removing it. Of course I was shouted down by the scrub brigade, so we're stuck with this system for the year:

Overall-Battle Points + Painting + Comp + Sports
This one I have no problem with, it gives everybody a shot and fits the "ideal" of the compy tourney.
Best General-60% Battle, 30% Comp (peer and judge scored), 10% TO's discretion
In other words, who can kiss the most ass and sneak their strong list while maintaining a fluffy facade. Fucking joke.
Painting-Combo of peer review and judge review
I don't see a comp score here? Bullshit, fuck you.
Player's Choice-Everyone picks their favorite army
The Ass Kissing/Crony award.
Sportsmanship-Player review after each game.
The butthurt/chipmunk score

So, there's our system. Fuck me, right? The main argument for comp was to prevent people from bringing powerbuilds just to win.

Hold the fuck up.

Why the fuck are you going to a tournament if not to win? Die in a fire.

Then we get the same bullshit scrubtastic responses
"Any three year old can play Vulkan!"-Fucknuts
"What if some guys from out of town bring in their unpainted Green Tide and stomp."-Dumbshit
"Waaaah! Special Characters are broken!"-Assclown

Listen up idiots, if you actually fought against competitive armies and not bullshit 4th ed armies or crap like footdar and Green Tide you would become a better player and see the crap armies for what they are, crap. A bad general with a good army will beat a bad general with a bad army. Get better and/or bring better armies and this problem goes away. How do you get better? Practice against good armies, you fuck!

Somebody actually told me that my DeathRaven army would be comped poorly (Sammy, Belial, 4 DW squads, 2 RW units for reference) because I picked the "power options."


Welcome to my god damn nightmare.

The biggest arguments came from how to use soft scoring, particularly how to eliminate shenanigans. You know what the best way is? Don't fucking have it. It eliminates all this chipmunking bullshit and gets you focused on beating your opponent, not the system.

It's as easy as this:
Overall-BPs + Painting, Sports as the tie breaker
General-BPs, Sports as the tie breaker

That requires 0 extra effort from the TO beyond making sure people aren't cheating or being assholes. There's no system to exploit, no way to snipe somebody who beat you, no way to game your friends to victory, none of it. It's simple and lets you focus on the real important bits: playing the damn game!

But wait, there's more!

They also tossed around ideas for missions, eventually deciding to use the main rulebook missions (salvation!) BUT letting the player make up their own missions and submit them. They were talking bullshit like having only Elites score, using 4th ed VPs (the Eldar player suggested that, I guess he wants to bring back SMF too), a railgun train driving through the map (anything not hugging the board edge dies! lollololollollol FUCK YOU!), empty board with Night Fight all game and wacky random teleporting.

Fuck my life.

Oh hey, we're also using the INAT FAQ.

Also the Fantasy game is still 1800.

I hate everything.


Mercer said...

Crazy paving. Why not go some where else, or is this the only local place?

Seems mad to me some of that stuff.

Farmpunk said...

yeah. that sucks balls. schweaty, 300lb septic serviceman in summer balls. He's got yer soft scores for ya, hur hur....

comp makes me a sad panda. on the other hand, it DID get me to actually put 3 colors on my 1500pts, and base everything. otherwise, I'd have had primer and basecoat models on the board.
I think tourneys should have simple 3-color standard for entry. unpainted is for 'ard boys, or for an 'unwashed, unpainted' tourney.

I hate INAT too, unfortunately, noone's kicked yakface hard enough, and kicked all the morons who support INAT enough to make it all go away. wow. your FAQ had more rules in it than the rules.... GREAT.

Chumbalaya said...

So, let me get this straight, I've got to read another 100 page document of spell checks, typos and rule rewrites in addition to knowing the rules and all the Codices? INAT is fail, standardized fail.

The only other local place is even worse, they make this comp system look like 'Ard Boyz for chrissakes. I could make another post just about that, and I think I will :P

First tourney is Saturday btw, I'll go and bring back pics/reports.

Mercer said...

If I run a tournament it would be a simple knock out challenge, who ever wins moves onto the next round and the over all winner will win the tournament. Its about game play, not whose got the best painted army. Some could turn up with a plastic army and be a beast of a player but lose to a shit player with a mint Golden Daemon army.

I would have seperate competitions for best painted army and player. These would be voted for or go on scores.

Chumbalaya said...

Knock out tourney might take a long time if you have more than 8 people, I like the round robin style myself.

Farmpunk said...

I like random matchup to start, and then teired matchups based on primary, secondary, tertiary objectives.

it's how we did it last year here in Indy. We were talking about maybe having a pre-tourney experince teir, so top players play each other at the beginning. it might open up the play to more people... I dunno.

Chumbalaya said...

That's a good idea, winners play winners and everyone hopefully gets to play people at their level.

The_King_Elessar said...

What a crock of shit. Sorry mate. :(