Friday, June 17, 2011

Party in Forth Worth

What's a party without some internet celebrities?  Shitty.

Tonight's party was, however, decidedly unshitty.

Not to drop any names-ok, I'm dropping names deliberately to show you how cool I am-but I was hanging out with Mike Brandt.  Yes, that Mike.  Of Nova Open fame.

Yes, such if the life of an internet celebrity.  And here's the best part, we were just acting like normal, social people.  You couldn't even tell we played with toy soldiers.  It was neat.

There were cowboy hats, burgers with quail eggs, a 21st birthday celebration, bachelorette party, pickles and multiple acoustic guitars.  Texas, baby.

Also girls.  Yes, female girls.  No fucking way.  Totally.

Anyway, just bragging about my awesome time.  If you ever find yourself lacking in pleasant company when traipsing through the DFW area, give me a holler.  We can totally hang out and drink beer, like *gasp* normal people.

See you at WarGamesCon.


Anonymous said...

You're alive?

Gx1080 said...

Awesome, thought that you died or something.

Brent said...

...why the hell wasn't I invited?


Lauby said...

man, this post is such a tease.

Get back to writing here! failing that, write for HoP!!!

General Oadius said...

DFW rocks! Been there lots and Texas girls are super fine. Louisiana girls even hotter though.