Friday, April 1, 2011


40k and METAL is probably the greatest combination since peanut butter & jelly, blackjack & hookers or mouths & penises.  Our friend Dethtron of Dick Move plays 40k and plays metal, so I'm pretty sure that makes him cooler than any of you nerds.

Any of you nerds heading to Adepticon or in the Chi-town area should go see Dethtron play METAL and maybe go play some 40k afterward.

Deets follow:
Dethtron's band, Crusader:

Show info

when:  Saturday, April 2nd
doors at 8:30

where:  Ardmore Lounge
340 S Ardmore Ave
Villa Park, IL

who:  She Likes Todd
Situation Red

how much: free!!!!!!!

age:  21+

directions from Adepticon:

1. Head west on Yorktown Mall Dr toward S Grace St
276 ft
2. Take the 1st right onto S Grace St
0.2 mi
3. Take the 1st right onto E 22nd St
0.7 mi
4. Turn left at S Meyers Rd
1.0 mi
5. Turn right at IL-38 E/E Roosevelt Rd
0.8 mi
6. Turn left at S Ardmore Ave
1.5 mi



Kirby said...

Chumby lives? <3

Venerable said...

....Chumby lives....FOR METAL! \::/ or whatever the headbanging thing is... lol

Dethtron said...

thanks for coming out of semi-retirement for the support :)

the intertubes miss you