Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beep Boop Waagh

With the new edition barely a week old and NoVa fast approaching, I've got my work cut out for me.  There's lots of playtesting, building and, ugh, painting.

Necrons got a lot of buffs in the new edition, my favorite probably being allies.  Allies of Convenience for Necrons include Grey Knights, Tau, Chaos Space Marines and Orks.  Looking in my closet I've got well over 3000 points of Orks lying around.  So the wheels begin turning and this is the result.

HQ (270)
Overlord - Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs (130)
Cheap HQ to unlock my Court and to present an incredibly efficient challenger.
Royal Court - 2 Harbingers of Destruction, 1 w/ Solar Pulse, 2 Harbingers of the Storm (140)
S8 AP2 is hard to pass up and, while less effective than before, Solar Pulses are still incredibly useful.  Voltaic Staffs are the new melta, even 1 will average 2 HP stripped.  

Troops (740)
Immortals - 5, Gauss Blasters, Night Scythe (185)
Immortals - 5, Gauss Blasters, Night Scythe (185)
Immortals - 5, Gauss Blasters, Night Scythe (185)
Immortals - 5, Tesla Carbine, Night Scythe (185)
Cheap MSU pew pew that doesn't have to worry about holding objectives thanks to the Orks.  The Overlord joins the Tesla unit so they can shoot and charge.

Heavy Support (270)
Annihilation Barge - Gauss Cannon (90)
Annihilation Barge - Gauss Cannon (90)
Annihilation Barge - Gauss Cannon (90)
Rich get richer.  Dirt cheap, incredible firepower, solid AA and all around awesome sauce.

Fortification (70)
Aegis Defense Line - Comms Relay
4+ cover for my Big Gunz, making them insanely durable, as well as re-roll to ensure all my flyers come on when needed.

Allied Orks
HQ (120)
Big Mek - Power Klaw, Kustom Force Field (120)
KFF gives cover to both big units, leaving no Ork out in the open to get focus fired.  With LO,S and Precision Strikes, the PK Mek is very, very useful.

Troops (460)
Shoota Boyz - 30, 3 Big Shootas, Nob w/ Power Klaw (230)
Shoota Boyz - 30, 3 Big Shootas, Nob w/ Power Klaw (230)
60 Fearless models dumped at midfield, come at me bro.  Lotsa dakka, overwatch fun times, and an impressive assault potential.

Heavy Support (69)
Big Gunz - 3 Kannonz, 3 ammo runts (69)
12 T7 wounds and 3 BS3 missiles with re-rolls for under 70 points?!  Hell yes!

Grand Total - 1999

Hope you managed to stay with me on this.

I find that Necrons have always had some difficulty when it comes to holding in place.  With no Fearless or Stubborn Troops and a pretty pathetic assault capability, parking on objectives near midfield is asking for trouble.  Dumping 60 Fearless bodies into midfield with guaranteed cover (no focus firing!) and an assload of dakka, Orks drop right into the list.  This frees up my brobots to focus on doing what they do best: zooming around with loads of shooting and making stuff disappear.

So we've got 7 Tesla Destructors, 3 Kannonz, loads of small arms firepower and 4 flyers.  Bodies and bullets (or lightning bolts) aplenty.

+++Overlord, Mindshackle Scarab Batch 3X24D has proven unsuccessful in application upon the Orkoids.  Their systems, while crude, are innately robust and are able to resist shortly after initial implantation.  Canoptek units are still restoring structural integrity to the lower levels of Tomb XZ54.  The new devices have yet to be overcome.  However, combat efficiency has only increased by 0.03%, though I propose this is due to the simplistic nature of the subjects.  I am sending the earliest subjects to the Stormlord as tribute, perhaps he will see fit to increase your standing when he witnesses a supposed lowly vassal tame the nuisance he believed uncontrollable.+++

>>>Exerpt>>>Message Recovered>>>Derelict Necron/Ork Vessel>>>Location UNKNOWN

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