Thursday, July 5, 2012

WarGamesCon 2012

Hello internet, long time no see.

I went to WarGamesCon this year, my last 5th edition tournament.  Loganwing made their final appearance in 5th ed and had a great time.  I met lots of nice folks, mingled with internet celebrities and checked out all sorts of jaw droppingly amazing armies.  I'm not going to do any detailed battle reports since nobody cares about 5th any more, but here are the quick hits.

My list
Rune Priest w/ Chooser, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane
Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, TH, SS, pup
Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, CF, SS, pup
10 Wolf Guard, 2 Terminators w/ Cyclones
3x 5 Wolf Guard, 1 Terminator w/ CF, Cyclone
3x 1 Thunderwolf w/ PF, SS
6 Long Fangs, 3 PC, 2 HB
2x 5 Long Fangs, 4 ML

Pretty standard as far as Loganwing goes, lotsa missiles, scoring units and disposable CC units.  The big change was the Plasma Fangs, which performed very well even with cover so prevalent.

WGC is a 2-day, 7-game GT.  The first day has 4 games and your performance determines seeding for the next day.  The top 32 go on to a 3-game GT.  WGC uses Battle Points and 3 objectives per mission, each worth 10 points.

Day 1 I played against Codex Marines, Grey Knights, Tyranids and, surprise, Grey Knights

The Marine list was a single Land Raider Vulkan list with a mix of Tacticals, Speeders and Attack Bikes.  I was able to roflstomp midfield with my TWC and LW, while missiles whittled down the armor.  30-0 me.

GKs were a mix up of Coteaz, Purifiers, Acolyte Razorspam and Psyflemen.  Loganwing midfield control and sustained firepower won out.  20-10

Tyranids featured a Tyrantstar, 2 Tervigons, lots of little bugs, Hive Guard and Doom.  I deployed like a chump and basically played against myself.  20-10 for me just because Loganwing poops on Tyranids so hard.

GKs again were a mix up of Coteaz, Purifiers, Acolyte Razorspam and Psyflemen.  No way.  These Razors had ACs, so I deployed way back and basically got to shoot my entire army with only his Psyflemen able to trade back.  20-10, very close once he got into range.

So I ended Day 1 4-0 with 90 BPs.  I got into the top 32 and went on to Day 2.  Day 2 featured Blood Angels, more GKs and Necrons.

Blood Angels were a lopsided list with 2 loaded Storm Ravens and 3 Razorbacks.  Should be easy, right?  Well, thanks to some critical mistakes on my part (poor deployment, being too forgiving on charges and rules) I scratched out 5 points.  It was one of those games where playing 9 more times would see me winning all 9.

I replayed my last GK opponent from Day 1.  I didn't have the luxury of deploying away from his Passbacks and we proved just how close a matchup we had.  10-20 here, leaving us even for the event.  Great game.

Finally, I played Brent (of Strictly Average fame) and his Necrons.  Imotekh, Warrior blobs, Spyders and Flayed Ones.  Lots of back and forth, fun assaults, and once the lights came on turn 3 I put his lights out.  30-0.

So, I picked up 135 BPs on the event and ended up 15th place.  Not a bad showing for Loganwing and a good sendoff for 5th edition.  It hit all the points: GK proliferation, lots of mech, lots of missiles and super terrain.

All in all it was a great event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I'm not a huge fan of the 3 equal objectives format.  I feel it doesn't give the game a real focus and cheapens the importance of your primary objective.  Battle Points I still don't like as I feel it encourages capitalizing on bad matchups and doesn't reward close games.

Now I've got NoVa and Feast of Blades to prepare for and a whole new edition to learn.  Watch this space for fun times and analysis coming soon.

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