Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WarGamesCon Game 1

We're talking WarGamesCon on B&H, battle reports in particular.

I put up my list earlier here and on 3++, so refer to that as we go along.

Game 1 was Relic and Crusade with Dawn of War deployment.  My opponent was Chaos with Daemon allies.
Chaos Lord w/ MoN, fist, wings
Sorc w/ ML3, MoN, wings
2x10 cultists
14 Raptors w/ MoN, 2 meltas, champ w/ powerfist
Heldrake w/ baleflamer
2x2 Noblits

2x10 PBs
3 Blight Drones

Aegis w/ Comms Relay

So, big smashy death star with supporting cast and a good chunk of disposable scoring.  

We set up terrain and forts for a midfield confrontation.  Objectives get thrown into various corners.  No Night Fight.  He elects to go first.

The Raptors deploy dead center with the drones, oblits flanking and everything else in reserve.  I put my Acanthrites opposite the Raptors and Zahndrekh's unit off to one side to draw baddies away before teleporting.  Everything else goes into reserve.

He shuffles up and throws out some pot shots to no effect.  I respond with a glorious charge by the Acanthrites, after unloading with meltafaces and killing a few marines.  The Sorceror passes MSS but fails to wound the Destroyer Lord, getting cloven in twain in return.  A couple marines get killed, a few wounds go on the bugs.  

His GUO, drake and cultists arrive.  Drones rush Zahndrekh's unit after the drake fails to get past Obyron's 2+ save (Chronometron re-roll ftw).  After a drawn combat, Zahndrekh & friends bid the Drones adieu and start assassinating cultists.  My flyers all come on and wtfpwn the drake, one bomb failing to hit the mark on the drones.  In the big scrum, the champion passes MSS and is struck down before getting to swing.  More marines die and an acanthrite gets dragged down.  

The Oblits and GUO dive into the ongoing combat to rescure their Warlord.  The Chaos Lord passes MSS (grr) and smashes the D Lord into paste after taking a wound.  The Acanthrites lose a good number, but keep whittling down the raptor squad.  Zahndrekh and friends gleefully gun down cultists while the flyers thin out his scoring.  The Acanthrites finally buckle and free his units to do something useful.

The Lord and Raptors chase down Zahndrekh & Co while the Nurgle daemons shamble towards objectives.  He has 1 unit of Plaguebearers and Cultists remaining.  The assault is stymied by the Chronometron making Zahndrekh an unkillable motherfucker and Obyron promptly flips the bird before teleporting out of combat.  Shooting reduces the 4 oblits to 1 and the Raptors to a very unhappy Lord with 1 wound left.  I control 1 objective with each of my immortal units, he controls 2 with a single cultist and unit of PBs.  Relic is free.

Turn 5 rolls around and he moves to seize the relic.  My Bomber and loaded Night Scythe go into ongoing reserves to prepare for a possible turn 6, but not before blowing up the unlucky Plaguebearer holding the relic.  Unfortunately, turn 5 never came.

We tied on objectives, 2-2 and no relic.  I got first blood from his Sorceror, we both got Linebreaker (him from the drones, me from Zahndrekh & Co) and our Warlords remained active.  However, his Warlord rolled the Legendary Fighter trait and received a bonus point from my poor Destroyer Lord.  And, with my Bomber, Warriors and Scythe off the board he received an extra 3 KP, netting him a tiebreaker win by 2 lousy KPs!  Regardless, due to the way BPs work neither of us walked away with many points.  A fantastically close game and thoroughly enjoyable at that.

Acanthrite Impact: most of a Raptor unit, Sorceror, and taking the focus of an entire army for 3 turns.
Nightshroud Impact: killed a Plaguebearer holding the relic
MSS tests failed: 0/3


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