Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year of the Narrative

Happy New Year everybody!

A lot of people talk about making changes this time of year.  All too often these resolutions are abandoned within a month and nothing comes of it.

Well, I'm hopping on that bandwagon and I can get the internet to keep me honest.

The Year of the Narrative is just that, I'm taking a year off of competitive 40k and diving into the cinematic side of things.  We're talking fluffy armies, narrative events, campaigns and maybe even a little writing (yikes).  There's a couple reasons for this and I'll elaborate a little on them.

1) NOVA.  This was my 2nd year in a row participating in the NOVA Narrative event and it was a blast as always.  Mike announced that next year's Narrative will be expanded to incorporate daytime activities to go along with the late night gaming.  Me being the Protagonist for 2 years running, I can't say no.  As we get closer to NOVA I'm going to try and prep my army, particularly converting up NOVA-specific units/models to step up my cinematic game.

2) Perspective.  At the Alamo GT I took a goofy Angry Marines army to take advantage of free beer.  I lost at all costs, forcing myself into the lowest score possible and picking up the "fluffy bunny" award.  It was great.  This year I'll be seeing how the other half lives, bouncing around the bottom tables with all the cool kids.

3) Sanity.  40k has become a clusterfuck in the past few months.  Escalation, Forge World, Stronghold, Dataslates, Formations, Supplements and even a new edition are flying around causing chaos for casual and tourney play alike.  It's going to be a very interesting season this year and I think it'll be really fun to watch everyone lose their minds while I'm off forging narratives.

The hard part is settling on an army.  I've got Necrons, Orks and Dark Angels.  DA are the ultimate cinematic army, pretty shitty in-game but with all their awesome fluff and minis they are pretty much the ultimate tryhard when it comes to narrative play.  Orks and Necrons are more fun in the "we just showed up because we felt like fucking with you guys" sense, which has its own merits.  Dark Angels will be a Cypher-hunting task force, complete with my own set of Cypher and Fallen to provide for opponents as needed.  Orks will be a Dreadmob-esque set up with lots of walkers and looted tanks to go with my Stompa.  Necrons I'm not so sure on since I can't pick a particular aspect of them I like the most.  Plus whatever I come up with as things progress.

So begins the Year of the Narrative.  It'll be cinemagnificent.


Bartali said...

I'm doing something similar this year. Concentrating on theme and painting rather than attempting to be competitive with my lists.

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