Thursday, October 22, 2009

My projects

Hey, I had some thoughts and I wanted to get them down so I don't forget. Don't like it, well too bad!

I've got a little bit of everything right now, but I don't have the money or patience to build them all into full on armies, so I'm going to be pruning back and making an effort at a reasonable number of armies.

I want to go for Space Marines, Orks, and Imperial Guard for now. Daemons may come later, same with Tau and Eldar and anything else that catches my fancy.

Locally, we have a bit of a scrub problem. People cry cheese way too quickly and suboptimal lists get thrown around a lot. I've tried teaching people with words, but I'm going to try something different. I want to throw big mean rock lists at them (one dimensional armies) and walk them through beating it until they can handle themselves. Orks are perfect for this. I want to turn my army into a "typical" overrated Ork uber army. That means Battlewagons and Nob Bikers. I would put a horde together, but fuck that I'm not painting 200 models.

So, I want to get up to 2000 points of each. The Battlewagon Brigade is easy, all I need is another Battlewagon and some buggies. More on that as I figure it out. The Nob Bikers I'm going to do up as Feral Orks and use plastic Orc Boarz to keep them cheap, but it also gives me some sweet conversion potential. I won't be using my Shokk Attack Gun, Kommandoz or Flash Gitz, but I want to keep them around for funsies. So, I'll have 2 Ork armies that are perfect noobslayer armies, but I will use them for good. Instead of just stomping on people, I will walk them through the game and help them figure out how to beat it with their balanced list. Hope it works. These guys are my favorite "fun" army, but if I can turn them into a teaching tool I'll be all for it.

Inspired by a post over on YTTH, I want to build up an army for 'Ard Boyz next year. Space Marines jump out since I have upwards of 3000 points of them but no real focus. I'm going to go for a "Best of" list with everything I love minus Sternguard. 2 LRCs full of Assault Termies, Tacticals in Rhinos, Scouts, Speeders, TLAC Dreads, Dakka Preds and a Librarian. Balanced, powerful, and easily scalable between 1500 and 2500. I need a lot of work to get there though, both LRCs, TH/SS Termies, and TLAC arms for my Dreads.

I have some Guard and I want to bring them to tourney readiness, but not 'Ard Boyz level. 2000 is the max. This will be a mostly mech list with Vets in Chimeras, Demos, Vendettas, etc and an infantry platoon to round it out. It's easy to bring Guard to 2000, but before I expand them further I want to get a good feel for them and make them different from my marines.

Deathwing is my pet project. I want to put together a DeathRaven army, similar to the one I posted earlier. All termies and Bikes, leaving the vehicles to my other armies. It should have a unique style and be a lot of fun to play, plus I won't have to buy much.

Daemons are tricky. I really want to build them up for the unique style of play and having another army in Fantasy, but I feel I have too much. I might just jack Stelek's competitive Daemon list for cheap, or stick with my initial plan for sprue Daemons. At present I'm deciding between 4 main builds: Daemonzilla, mono Slaanesh, "Best of" (chariot Tzeralds, Fiends, PBs, Bletters, TzDPs) or "competitive" (Fiends, dogs, PBs, Sheralds). I'll probably just playtest a bit more and figure out which I want. These are for fun like my Orks and DW.

All that should keep me busy and poor for a good while. Anything not fitting in the scheme will be sold off, converted, or hoarded for later.

I'm doing this to help make myself a better player by sticking to one army and learning it inside and out so I can better help my friends improve their own games and bring our community out of the cesspool of scrubdom that grips us to tightly. Plus, with some real focus I won't go leaping after the newest shiny thing.



Mercer said...

Strong lists are the way forward to make a point. Actions speak louder than words ;)

Chumbalaya said...

Talking has only gone so far, I feel like I have to show and tell to get the point across. I'm not in it for some cheap wins against noobs, I want to challenge people so they can improve themselves and raise the bar in our community. Horde Orks and Necrons winning tournies was the last straw for me. I plan to be involved this coming year and show them what real competitive 40k is all about. It's not the wins, it's the challenge that drives me. Playing the same battleforcey, 4th editiony, one-dimensional lists just isn't fun.

Mercer said...

In some ways I wish I go to my old gaming club, I would be undefeated! lol. In fact I only lost once, and that wasn't a real game either....veterans with a 2+ whatever next lol

Chumbalaya said...

I don't care about win records really. It's nice to win, but having a challenging game is what keeps me interested. Curb stomp games just aren't any fun.