Monday, December 21, 2009

Culling the herd

Sad to say it, but the time has come.

I have a lot of armies currently, most WIP and unpainted. I'm a college student with a very limited budget, so I can't possibly sustain them all and see any real growth. So, I'm looking at all the stuff I have to trying to figure out what can stay and what must go for the time being. I can actually buy models again and build my armies up, plus I'll have more time and more incentive to paint. Once I graduate and start pulling in 6 figures I'll expand again :P

So, for 40k I've got:
Space Marines
-ungodly amounts of stuff, but mostly basic infantry and Terminators
-tons of dudes, tons of WIP Battlewagons
-tons of dudes, handful of tanks
-handful of dudes
-handful of actual models, lots of WIP sprue daemons and subs (spider Fiends, zombies)

For Fantasy, it's:
-tons of rats, skirmishers, and weapon teams, but few bigger war machines
-Around 1500 or so, waiting for the new book and edition for Genestealer to get back into them (if at all)
-Skull Pass
Dark Elves
-Spearhead, Corsairs, Glade Riders

There's also a ton of projects in the pipeline: Tau, Eldar, Inquisition, Lizardmen, Warriors of Chaos/SW dual army, Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, and so on. It's obnoxious, I know.

So, here's what I'm thinking of keeping, just 2 armies per system and Daemons.

-I already have tons and can convert stuff into what I need. With so much variety in marine armies, I can have a ton of different playstyles using all the models I have. At a glance, I'm building towards Templarwing, Deathwing/Ravenwing, DA best of, SM best of, SM Bikers, and SW cavalry all using the same models with a few additions.
-I love Ork fluff and models, but their rules drive me nuts. My fun, fluffy army for sure. Don't need to expand these guys at all, just some conversions and scratch builds.

-My reason for playing Fantasy, love these guys.
Dark Elves
-I've already got a good number of them. I doubt I'll expand past 2250, so I'll do some testing and figure out which kind of army I want.

I'll also build up my sprue Daemon army, or maybe just do the cavspam substitute army Stelek proposed. Either way, I want them cheap and unique to keep things interested.

To make room and make money, I think I'll be selling off the rest. What I have left should keep me plenty occupied. Now I just have to hope I can resist all the new releases and not do anything stupid like buy half an army on release day...


jcroxford said...

How are you going to resist those new Tyranids?

Chumbalaya said...

Well, my brother has the Tyranids, so he'll have them on the record and I'll just have them by proxy.

Cheating myself already, so I guess my dog needs an army too.

Mercer said...

And I thought I had a few armies!

Chumbalaya said...

Yeah, but yours are painted or much closer to it.