Thursday, December 17, 2009

Umpteenth look: Orks: Army list colon #1

So, here's my first in a series I hope to do about possible ways to run my Orks to keep them at least somewhat competitive.

First up is simple, Battlewagons running down your throat.

Big Mek-KFF, burna, cybork body, bosspole
Warboss-Powerklaw, cybork body, kombi-skorcha

Meganobs-5, 2 kombi-skorchas, Battlewagon w/ armor plaes, big shoota, reinforced ram, grot riggers
2x 9 Lootas

Nobs-6, Painboy, cybork bodies, 2 powerklaws, Waagh! Banner, 2 kombi-skorchas, bosspole (all mixed up to be unique, cuz I'm an asshole), Battlewagon w/ armor plates, big shoota, reinforced ram, grot riggers
Shoota Boyz-20, 2 big shootas, Nob w/ powerklaw, bosspole
Slugga Boyz-19, Nob w/ powerklaw, bosspole
Grots-12, runtherd

Fast Attack
Deff Kopta-rokkitz, buzzsaw
2x 2 Buggies-rokkitsz

Heavy Support
2x Battlewagons-armor plates, big shoota, grot riggers, reinforced ram

2000 even.

So, we've got 4 wagons full of ornery Orks ready to stomp on your throat and call it a day. The tricky part is getting there. Battlewagons are deceptive, they look great on paper with AV14, but open-topped and the super narrow model basically turns it into a 4th edition vehicle with AV12 after turn 1. It's almost impossible for them to block for each other because of the shape of the model, so you're going from AV14 to open-topped AV12 quite rapidly. The KFF mitigates it, but once you get into melta range it's pretty much over.

Still, 40 Orks and 2 units of Nobs can break the backs of most anything. The Boss and Big Mek are no slouches either. The former rides with the Sluggas to give them a little extra oomph, while the Big Mek has to babysit the Meganobs. I gave him a burna so he can protect them better by dishing out 4 S5 I4 power weapon attacks on the charge. Shootas will usually stay mounted and blast infantry, but they can hold their own in assault too.

To back that up, I have my Kopta ready to turn 1 pop a vehicle or outflank and annoy. Buggies are cheap, mobile firepower, and Lootas can down light armor from across the board. Having them on foot can cause problems, mostly from LoS blocking Battlewagons, but since I didn't max out to 15 I can find them a good spot to chill most of the time.


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