Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Dark Eldar

Got to flip through the new Codex yesterday.  Hopefully we can get a scan some time soon (pretty please).

Awesome stuff.

Going through some preliminary list building, just for funsies.

Haemonculus w/ Crucible of Malediction,  (75)
Wracks as Troops, free Pain Token for the Incubi, and anti-psyker.  Who could ask for anything more?
9 Incubi, Klaivex w/ Demiklaives, Raider w/ Flickerfield, Aethersails, Torment Grenade Launcher (313)
Hi, I'm here to smash your face.
2x 5 Trueborn Warriors, 4 blasters, Venom w/ Splinter Cannon (185)
Yum, 4 BS4 blasters up in your face.

2x 10 Wracks, 2 w/ Liquefier Gun. boss dude w/ Agoniser, Raider w/ Flickerfield, Aethersails, Torment Grenade Launcher (230)
T4, FNP, masses of poison and scoring.  Woot!
2x 10 Warriors, shredder, splinter cannon, Raider w/ Shard Racks, Flickerfield, Torment Grenade Launcher(195)
Mop up scoring units dishing out tons of poison with re-rolls to hit if they do a fly-by.

Heavy Support
3 Ravagers w/ Flickerfield (115)
Pew Pew!

Total - 1953

This is by no means a definitive list, just me throwing together ideas from memory.  You can do a lot with the DE book, but this is pretty straightforward and unlikely to get boned by a FAQ :P  Lots of anti-armor, lots of skimmers and plenty of big toughies to hold things up and smash them with massed poison.


hyv3mynd said...

Tasty has some bad scans on his blog.

What are your thoughts on:

Beast Masters - A different form of TWC now? You can diversify wound pools, give one an agonizer, take the 4 wound beastie and several of the 4++ ones for wound allocation. If you get down a webway portal in t1, they could hit almost anything on the board on t2.

What about the bomber? Str9 lance?

I was thinking Azdrubael + Haemi's, several raiders/venoms rushing up t1 and dropping a portal. Everything on foot/bikes coming out of the portal and geting stuck in without getting shot.

Chumbalaya said...

Yeah, all kinds of fun stuff going on there.

There's nothing in the Codex that leaves me wanting, except Mandrakes. I suspect we've got another winner on our hands.

Sorrowshard said...

I think ravagers are possibly the worst heavy support choice, dunno how I'm going to last out until GW do those wonderful marvelous beautiful joytastic flyers....

Elite warriors in a raider could be sick , given the insane amount of weps they can pack , and with fnp and furious they can prob even duff in marines.

Im really looking forward to playtesting everything, wonder who is gonna break it first , assuming it can be ......

Chumbalaya said...

Very true, I think I may swap out for Flyers. You lose a lance, but bombs, no open-topped and 36" flat out is nice.

Trueborn with carbines in a Raider with Splinter Racks is a scary prospect.

And, of course, we've got the Alpha Strike of DOOM with Vect running the show.

hyv3mynd said...

Thats what I'm sayin man. I haven't seen any way to bonus reserve rolls which sucks. But, in theory you should be able to plant a WWP at 24" during t1 for reserves t2.

That lets you get beasts, bikers, scourges, etc. right where they need to be at the top of t2. Hello 18" melta lances on units that can move 12" and fire. The only part you're missing is a bonus to reserve rolls unless it's in there somewhere and people haven't reported it yet.

Sorrowshard said...

At this stage not having a way to manipulate reserves seems like a bit of a problem.

had a quick look over the pages posted on kittens , I cannot see why on earth you would take anything other than bombers for heavy support , seriously ....

really looking forward to what people cook up, will be interested in your analysis of the book when it hits.

hyv3mynd said...

Yeah it looks solid but I'll have to really look over the special rules when my codex comes in.

The Talos/Chronos may have applications in MSU builds if you get enough lances and heat lances from your troops/elites/fasts.

Scourges may not be a great platform for lances, but may be viable for anti-infantry or a couple heat lances. If they're 18", you'll get the melta bonus at 9" and they can deep strike or use a WWP.

RJB's are going to be like a nastier land speeder. Take a min squad with a heat lance, turbo boost 36" and get your cover save t1, force your opponent to deal with them or get lanced.

I know Deathstars are out right now, but being able to put 3 haemi's with 3 tokens in a unit to start the game with FnP, FC, and fearless is attractive.

I'm liking the diversification options for beastmasters, but to get a couple guys with a razorbeast and some of the invuln ones may be more expensive and less efficiant than TWC. Even still, barebones one beast master and one razorbeast is 52pts 5w t5.

Truebloods seem like a no brainer for shooty armies, but I like the new Incubi too much for elites. Grotesques are looking hot too at t5 FnP and a lot of attacks, but no power weapons means sanguinary guard and assault termies will take them down.

Two ranged weapons and two cc weapons cause ID, that will make Nids cry. Nobs and TWC too.

Nids, BA, IG all got ways to manipulate reserve rolls, I gotta believe DE have it in there somewhere. WWP/reserve builds are going to be out.

Anonymous said...

Can you see any way that the mistress of poison ability doesn't suck? Archons need a pw and there is no poisoned pw

hyv3mynd said...

Yeah, looks like you'll have a couple basic options for cc characters and wargear. Good poison, 4+ pw with the agonizer, or ID if you can wound with str3.

At the end of the day, I think a lot of people will go with Husk Blade to ID nobs, TWC, and TMC's. Archon's court is a cool fluffy idea but I don't see it filling a role that putting the archon with incubi, grotesques, or wyches doesn't accomplish.

Von said...

I'll be excited when it's appropriate: in six months when the Errata comes out.

No, I have no faith. Why do you ask?