Sunday, October 18, 2009

Battle Report: Orks vs. Ultramarines

Hey guys, got a game in yesterday and I figured I'd tell everybody about it.

I wasn't expecting much action at the store since a bunch of my regular buddies were out carving pumpkins. Losers. Luckily enough, Genestealer and I came across two people I hadn't seen before who were looking for games also. We pulled the old switcheroo and everybody got a new opponent, yayz.

I brought my 1850 Ork list I'm prepping for any events coming up in an effort to finally finish an army:

Warboss w/ PK, cybork body, kombi-skorcha
Big Mek w/ KFF, cybork body, bosspole
2x 9 Lootas
5 Meganobs, 2 kombi-skorchas, BW w/ armor plates, grot riggers, big shoota
19 Boyz, Nob w/ PK, bosspole
2x 12 Boyz, Nob w/ PK, bosspole, Trukk w/ ram, grot riggers
20 Shootas, 2 big shootas, Nob w/ PK, bosspole
14 Grots and 1 runtherd
2 Koptaz w/ rokkits and buzzsaws (indpependent)
2 BW w/ armor plates, big shoota, grot riggers, boardin' plank

My opponenet had his Ultrasmurfs featuring some neat paintjobs and some cool RT models. Sadly I couldn't get any pics since I left my camera at home.

Captain w/ relic blade, digi-weapons, storm shield
Command Squad w/ company champion and Rhino
Epistolary w/ Avenger and Force Dome
5 shooty Termies w/ assault cannon
Techmarine w/ servo-harness, 2 Tech Servitors and 2 HB Gun Servitors
Dread w/ assault cannon
10 Tacs, heavy bolter, famer, power sword
5 Scouts, camo cloaks, snipers, 1 missile launcher
10 Assault Marines, power sword
10 Devastators, 4 missile launchers, Razorback

We played Annihilation with Pitched deployment, I rolled first turn.

I had my Lootas on the left flank in and behind some ruins, another unit on a hill behind a Grot screen, all 3 Battlewagons to their right, Boss+Boyz and Shootas in front of Mek+Meganobs (upside down triangle thingy). There was a big LoS-blocking rock formation on the right flank, so I put both Trukks in there. I put the Koptaz about 1/3 of the board length in and as far forward as possible so they could cover the most ground.

He deployed his command squad in its Rhino on the far left, opposite my Lootas (uh oh). The Devastators combat-squadded, each one in a different terrain piece on the left, opposite my other Lootas, with their Razorback and the Librarian behind them. The Tactical Squad deployed further back in the center. The Whirlwind deployed to their right, behind a rock formation. The Dread and Techmarine deployed on the right flank behind some low ridges. Assault Marines and Termies were held in reserve. Scouts infiltrated to a big building to the right of in between the far left Lootas and Rhino.

Deff Koptaz jumped 24" towards the Whirlwind and 1 Devastator squad, he failed to seize the initiative.

My Koptaz moved closer to their targets, ready to assault. The vehicles all surged forward, meeting up in the center going fromt left to right: Boss, Shootas, Trukks with the Mek's wagon behind them all giving KFF protection. I knew that since his only real AT was krak missile, I had the BW facing them, while the Trukks blocked their vulnerable side armor and faced down the Dread and Techmarine. Lootas opened fire, shaking the Rhino and killing 3/5 Devastators. 1 Kopta blew up the Whirlwind, another killed a Devastator. I actually forgot to charge my other Deff Kopta >,< I didn't ask my opponent for a re-do when I realized because I wanted to make sure I didn't forget in the future.

He zoomed the Rhino up and shot stuff. This is where his luck ran out. The Techmarine and retinue, Tactical Squad and Dreadnought all fired at a solo Deff Kopta and caused all of 1 wound! The other Kopta was not so lucky, getting downed by the Razor and Librarian's template. 4 frag missiles landed in the Loota/grot hug fest, killing all of 1 Loota! Scouts did jack all to the Lootas in the ruins.

Party time! The Trukks zoomed to the right, disembarking in front of the Techmarine and Dread. The Kopta jumped behind the Dread, rokkits ready. The Shoota wagon moved 6" to get a clear shot at the Tacticals. The Boss's wagon headed towards the Devastators and 20 angry Orks jumped out. The Mek's wagon moved behind the Boss's wagon, but nobody felt like jumping out. The Trukk mob and Trukks' shooting accounted for 2 Servitors, the Kopta failed miserably, the Lootas immobilized the Rhino and stunned the Razorback, and the Shootas killed 4 marines. The Techmarine and buddies were wiped out at the loss of 2 boyz (powerfists never even got to swing, gotta love that majority WS and T!), the Dread got wrecked without killing anybody, and 5 Devastators got wtfpwned by 19 Orks and the Warboss.

Both the Assault Squad and Termies showed up, the jump packers arrived from the center heading towards the Boss and his buddies, while the Termies popped up right behind the recently re-deceased Dread. The Command Squad jumped out of their ride and headed to the Boss's unit as well, while the Tacticals moved to support. Uh oh. Shooting reduced the Boss's unit to 8 boyz, putting the Assault Marines out of charge range. It wasn't a total loss though; the Librarian rolled boxcars for Force Dome, taking a wound! Termies did jack all for shooting, killing 4 boyz (Boyz in the open, mind you). Scouts killed a Loota, pinning test passed. Rhino sputtered around. The Command Squad and Libby charged into the Boss's unit, killing all but 1 boy, 1 Nob, and the Boss. They proceeded to slaughter all but the company champion, yayz! Ld passed, keep on trucking. Termies killed 6 but lost 3 of their own, Ld holds.

Meganobs spring into action, zooming up to meet the Assault Marines head on, the other Trukk mob moves to support their beleaguered brethren, Shoota wagon moves to get a good sight on the Tacticals, Kopta zooms towards the Razorback, and Grots abandon all caution and rush the Scouts. Shooting sees 3 assault marines, 5 Tacticals, 2 Scouts, and 2 Devastators buy it while the Razorback gets re-stunned. Meganobs wipe the Assault Marines with no casualties. The Captain knocks a wound off the boss while the Librarian and Champion finish the boyz. Captain goes down, Command Squad is finished. Ld holds. Termies get wiped, 1 more boy dies (just the Nob left).

Rhino fixes itself, Scouts kill 1 Loota, Warboss loses another wound. Yawn.

Everything heads to the left to mop up. Grots continue their charge, no damage from grot blastas. Tactical Sgt downed by shootas, Razorback stunned by the Kopta in assault, Rhino re-immobilized.

Warboss finally buys it, Captain and Libby move away.

Libby eats shootas and buys is, Captain wtfpwned by Meganobs.

At this point we called it, since all he had left was an immobilized Rhino, immobilized Razor and 3 Scouts. I lost 1 Kopta, my Boss, his mob, and a bunch of random boyz and lootas. 3 KP total. We decided to let the Grots and Scouts fight anyway, Grots got wiped :P

Obviously this was an epic mismatch, no weapons higher than S8 with little mobility vs. a BW list is not going to end well. This is your typical "battleforce" style list, a little bit of everything with no real focus. I think my opponent was new to 5th ed because of his list and overall lack of familiarity with the rules (had to go through wound allocation every time). It was fun and he was a great sport, but a challenging game it was not. Hopefully he'll stick around and we can turn his army into a real killer.


Unknown said...

That marine list is shit :(

It seems to have gone mad on HQ's taking a unless command squad (did they have any wargear?) and a librarian.

Techmarine has no vehicles to repair - serves no purpose.

No transport for the tactical squad - and just one squad! :(

Scout squad is too small.

10 Devs, huge amount of points :(

Whirlwind would have worked, but need anti armour to pop those battlewagons.

No wonder you won mate! :D

Chumbalaya said...

Tell me about it =/

It's so awkward trying to give somebody pointers after practically tabling them, I feel like an ass when I try.

Lisa said...

Sounds like my kind of game. Nice post.