Monday, May 3, 2010

LoganWolf Tournament Update

Hey all, sorry about my lack of non-Necro-related activity.  I've been busy with life, debilitating injuries (call it an Old Battle Wound :P) and stuff like that.

Got a tourney coming up Saturday and after I pick up a few missile launchers I'll be all set to use my LoganWolf army.

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, Tempest Fury, Chooser

Iron Priest w/ Thunderwolf Mount, 4 cyber-wolves, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman

10 Wolf Guard, 2 WGT cyclones, 1 combi-melta
3x 5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ cyclone, chainfist, 1 combi-melta

Fast Attack
2x TWC w/ powerfist, storm shield

Heavy Support
3x 5 Long Fangs, 4 missile launchers

Total - 1850


Gustav said...

Like it! Though I'm uncertain on the setup of Lone Wolf vs TWCs, let us know how it goes! And pics!

Kirby said...

I think trading the TWC for an IP w/TWC & 4x cyberwolves might be better or trading the LWs for more TWC, depending on model availability though, too.

Liking the missile spam though :).

Brent said...

My vote is for a ton of pics as well - I love the idea of this army, so I'm hoping to see it do well.


The_King_Elessar said...

My spider sense tells me 4 Meltaguns may not be enough...

Chumbalaya said...

The Lone Wolf/TWC/IP thing is my only real stickler at this point. I've got about 400 points to put into either a big hammer assault unit or, in this case, multiple smaller hammers to run interference and keep my missiles firing all game.

The problem I see with running a super unit is that it can get bogged down, while going MSU can get me more targets. Missiles will fuck up anything short of AV14 (Logan's squad can try for that), and 2+ saves will be a problem. We're talking about TH/SS Termies mostly. LW and TWC with SS can hold up Terminators for a while, plus since they have S10 or chainfists, they can threaten armor and Dreads.

I'm still iffy on it and I'll try and get some testing done tomorrow.

Pics are a must, so no worries there.

TKE, the meltas aren't really for much more than back up against stuff like tank shockers or DS-ing armor like Dreads. I don't need to rely on them, but they can be useful in a pinch.

Mercer said...

I don't know much about Wolves mate, so good luck in the tournament :)

The_King_Elessar said...

KK, you're the expert on Wolves.

Chumbalaya said...

I'm no expert, trust me. I'll let you know how much I'll end up missing those meltas :P

Chumbalaya said...

Ok, I think I'm gonna swap out my LW for an Iron Priest and 4 wolves. That's another cav model and each unit ends up survivable in their own way. 2+ and bodies for the IP and 3+/3++ for the TWC.

I'm not gonna have enough missiles, so one unit of Fangs is going HB/LC.