Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Weekend

So, my Mom got her PhD yesterday, we celebrated, and good times were had.  My grandparents (her parents) flew in from Louisiana to come see their only daughter fulfill her dream and it was inspiring.  Little did I know, they had planned to stay the whole weekend with us.  I haven't seen my grandparents in around four years, so it was awesome to spend time with them.  I had planned to go to 'Ard Boyz yesterday and today, but I ended up spending time with my family.  We went to the Lilac Festival, played vidya games, ate a whole bucket of Buffalo wings (my grandparents hadn't had them before; if Louisianians think your stuff is hot you know you're doing something right), lounged around the pool, and played with our dog all day. I may not have the highest GPA, the best job, the most money, or the best mad skills with playing toy soldiers, but I do have at least one thing: an awesome family full of love, life, and all kinds of Disney/Hallmark card/Kodak moment stuff that goes with it.

This was not a weekend wasted.


The_King_Elessar said...

Homo. :p

You stayed at home, afraid of FootDar. We know the Truth, and it Hurts.

Love schmove - Toy Soldiers FTW!

Venerable said...

Te,He,He... TKE said homo!

Mercer said...

lol indeed homo as loves the Disney :P

Stop making your excuses just because you didn't want to lose to Footdar at 'Ardboyz :P

Chumbalaya said...

Footdar still gives me nightmares.