Thursday, July 15, 2010

2250 Skaven

After reading up on 8th ed and playing a few test games, here's my first Skaven tourney list.  Locally we're bumping up to 2250 so that's what I'm going to stick with for now.

I like magic and shooting, and I like Transformers, so here's the list.  Themewise, it's a senior Grey Seer and his upstart apprentice (who he never leaves out of his sight, as he is uncommonly treacherous and ambitious, even for a Skaven) collecting tribute from Clan Skryre while escorted by their Ratinue of Stormvermin.  Also dragged along for the ride is the twitchy salesrat Skam who gave them a really great price on some high quality and reliable Clan Skryre products. 

Lords (515, 22.89%)
Grey Seer Mekakron - General, Lores of Ruin & Plague
Grey Seer Starsqueak - Power Scroll, Lores of Ruin & Plague

Heroes (15, 0.67%)
Warlock Engineer

Core (780, 34.67%)
2x 10 Stormvermin, Warpfire Thrower
2x 10 Stormvermin, Ratling Gun
2x 50 Slaves w/ spears

Special (460, 20.44%)
2x 5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Poisoned Wind Mortar
5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers
2x 5 Gutter Runners w/ poison, slings

Rare (480, 21.33%)
2x Doomwheel
2x Warp Lightning Cannon

Total - 2250

So, we've got a crap ton of war machines and various types of shooting.  Ratlings get up close and shred MSU and cav units, WLCs, WFTs and Mortars can all take out numbers and multi-wounders, and the Doomwheels can zap big stuff or smash into flanks with impact hits.  PWGs can block, screen or lob globes at whatever needs them.  2 big Slave hordes can absorb charges and take up space, and since they're so expendable I can just blast at whatever they happen to be getting killed by.  2 Seers bring the pain with magic, Starsqueak picks up Dreaded 13th and uses his Power Scroll to nuke whatever, while Mekakron tries for the eaiser stuff to keep constant damage from 1 or 2 dice spells.  Gutter Runners block vanguard, go after war machines, and annoy the crap out of things with buffed slings and poison.  And the random Engy is in for lols, or just some random guy to take up space.

So, thoughts?


Von said...

I like their names! Skaven are always hilarious for that sort of thing, though: witness my boy Shiny's Grey Seer Makkiaveli.

Must admit, my current Dark Elf build would struggle - staying out of the Slaves' way and concentrating efforts on the things that actually need hurting is a bit fiddly when you're built to plough into units and rip them up. Perhaps I need moar bettah mobiliteh...

Brother Loring said...

My Pew picture was WAAAY better! :P

I'd love to comment, but I'll wait until I've read the rules. All this fantasy talk is giving me tingles in my never regions. Maybe it's a sign? Or maybe it's just the herpes re-surfacing?

Chumbalaya said...

I'm concerned about the Blood and Glory mission. If I'm reading it right, my breaking point is 2 and my starting fortitude is 2. Would that be an auto-lose? Ouchies.

I could try and shave point to fit a couple flags in, or go with my original plan and include Clanrats.

Brent said...

Good stuff.

I'm a bit surprised you got to a tough army that quick - I thought you were new to Fantasy?

Chumbalaya said...

I've been playing Fantasy for a year or so now, got in when the Skull Pass dealy came along.