Saturday, July 24, 2010

Team Tournament in Syracuse

Had a tourney today at Play the Game in Syracuse.  2000 points, 1000 per team, 1 FOC per player.  No comp, no sports, no funny stuff, just straight rulebook missions.  Awesome sauce. 

We didn't have teams squared away until a couple days ago, so I just decided to run a balanced Loganwing army.

Logan Grimnar
3x  5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ cyclone, chainfist
3 Long Fangs, 2 lascannons
2x 4 Long Fangs, 3 missile launchers

Lotsa shooty, a scaled down version of what I'm taking to Nova.

My partner, Tim, brought his DE.  This is the guy who I played in the first round of the last tourney at the FLGS where my missiles decides to miss and shake his Raiders all day while almost getting tabled.

I'm not sure on specifics, but here's hit list from what I remember.

Dracon w/ agoniser, shadowfield, combat drugs
7 Wyches, 2 blasters, Sybarite w/ agoniser, Raider w/ dark lance, horrorfex
3x 5 Warriors, dark lance, blaster, Raider w/ dark lance, horrorfex
5 Warriors, splinter cannon, shredder, Raider w/ dark lance, horrorfex
2x Ravagers w/ 3 disintegrators

I may be missing a Raider, I dunno, there were lots of them.

So, while we didn't coordinate list building, it looks like 2 balanced lists mix up nicely.  All that S8 shooting is bound to do something, right?  Riiiight?

Game 1, Tau and Tyranids

Parasite of Mortex
3x 10 Genestealers w/ toxin
16 or so Hormagaunts

Shas'el w/ plasma, fusion, multi-tracker
Shas'el w/ plasma, missile pods, multi-tracker
2x2 Crisis w/ plasma, missile pods, multi-tracker
6 FW
2 Hammerheads
Broadside w/ shield drones

Mission was Annihilation with Pitched Battle deployment.  We won the roll off and deployed first, setting up firing lances and leaning towards the right flank to minimize the effect of outflankers.  They spread out with the Broadsides and Fireknives on the top left, Hammerheads and other Fireknives in the middle, and FW, Swarmy, Hormies and Parasite opposite us.

They seized the initiative and advanced.  We tried to block off the board edge with Raiders to prevent outflanking, but the Genestealers rolled 6s for fleets all the time, came in around us and proceeded to roll up our flank.  Shooting was completely ineffectual (either 1s and 2s to hit or 1s to wound) and our only KPs came from the Shas and Crisis on the top left and the Parasite (from combat with DE Warriors) and 2 units of Genestealers mauled by Logan.  The Dracon rolled 3 6s for drugs and promptly died.  It was that kind of game.  Due to the blocking blunder and our atrocious rolling, we got tabled.  Awesome.

After that painful loss we broke for lunch and commiserated over soggy Chinese food.  After contemplating a carousel ride to lift out spirits, we decided to go into the 99 cent store for some cheap laughs.  I saw a miniature Buddha for $1.50 and quickly snapped it up in an effort to change our fortune.  I'm so happy I got it.

Game 2, Eldar and Eldar

Jain Zar
Farseer w/ Doom, Guide, the usual
5 Banshees,  Exarch w/ executioner
10 Avengers, Exarch w/ dual cats, Serpent w/ starcannons, stones
3 Jetbikes, 1 shuriken cannon
Falcon w/ scatter laser, stones, holofields, star engines

Farseer w/ Doom, Guide, the usual
5 Fire Dragons, Exarch w/ firepike, crack shot
10 Avengers, Exarch w/ dual cats, Serpent w/ shuriken cannons, stones
5 Pathfinders
6 Swooping Hawks, Exarch w/ sunrifle, Skyleap
Falcon w/ scatter laser, stones, holofields

Mission was Capture & Control with Spearhead deployment.  We won the roll off and deployed first, picking the quarter with no terrain for our opponents to hide in.  Tim left the Wyches and a Raider squad in reserve, everything else set up to blast shit.

Surprise, surprise, we got seized on again.  Eldar zoomed up and immobilized a Raider, big whoop.  Our shooting was noticeably better, but all we ever managed to do was shake them.  Every holofield roll was a 1 and 5 or 6, it sucked.  I nailed the Dragon's serpent and that was it.  My Long Fangs ate a charge from Jain Zar's unit, and they were promptly annihilated by lances and disintegrators.  They actually disembarked both DA units, the Banshees and the Hawks all at the same time, leaving them clumped up for Horrorfexes and Disintegrators.  Near game's end all they had were the Pathfinders, an immobilized and weaponless Serpent and the 2 unkillable Falcons.  A Falcon tank shocked out objective and my chainfist tried for DoG.  He rolled boxcars to penetrate and then snake eyes to damage.  Ugh.  We fired 5 missiles and 8 lances at it to no avail.  Logan charged it with 7 attacks and whiffed with all.

Since we both contested we went to VPs.  I lost 2 units of Fangs and 2 units of Wolf Guard while Tim lost 1 Ravager, the Dracon (OD'd on drugs and got pimp-slapped by a Dire Avenger exarch) and his Wyches.  They had lost it all barring the 2 Falcons, a damaged Serpent and the Pathfinders.  Victory for the Buddha!

Game 3, Tau and Tyranids

There were more Tau than there were Marines, it was nuts.

2x Shas'O w/ plasma, missile pod, multi-tracker
3x 6 Fire Warriors
12 Kroot
3x Hammerheads w/ Railguns, the usual

Prime w/ talons, spitters
5 Warriors w/ talons, spitters
20 Termagants
2x 20 Hormagaunts
2x 10 Genestealers
3x 1 Zoanthropes

Dawn of War, Seize Ground, 3 objectives.  We placed ours centrally, they placed 1 centrally and 1 on the right.  We lost the roll off and went 2nd.  They spread across the board with the Warriors placed really aggressively, while we set up in the center to hit midfield.

Night Fight yayz, no damage.  We walked on and blew away the Warriors with massed S8.  The Raiders only went 12" to try and shoot, but they were all out of spotting range.  The rest of the game was them blowing up skimmers while I suppressed Hammerheads and killed Zoanthropes.  Logan got into a big scrum in the middle with Hormagaunts, murdered all but 1 and was held up with his unit for 1 turn too many.  Draw, mostly stemming from us not playing aggressively enough on the virtually terrain free board.

So, 1-1-1, not terrible but not that good.  Shitty rolling screwed us, but we could have deployed and moved better in the first and last game.  Lots of shitty lists out there, made me sad :(

Still, a fun event and a good time hanging out with my ROC crew.  They have a Fantasy event next weekend, but it's using 8th ed so I'm not going.  Sadface.


Anonymous said...

hmmm.... Tyranids and Tau! Odd combo, but guess it works!

Sounds like you did pretty well considering your combo and the lists you faced.

Any pics?

Chumbalaya said...

Sorry, nope, left my camera sitting on my desk :P