Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blood Axes revamped

Reading about Straken's performance for MVB over on his blog, I re-examined my first take on the Blood Axe Ork/IG army.  Straken brings a lot to the table, making Guard actually worth a damn in HtH and being very capable of punching out his weight class.  Perfect for my Warboss.

The list I put up before didn't have as much armor as I'd like and was overly reliant on 60 guardsmen getting into HtH.  Orks try that too, and it doesn't work well for them either, does it?

Here's a revamp to a more mech type army.

Krumpany Kommand Skwad - Kernal Straken, bodyguard, Astropath, 3 meltas, Painboy, Chimera

Skarboyz - 3 plasma guns, Chimera
Skarboyz - 3 meltagun, Chimera
Plutoon Kommand Skwad - 4 meltaguns, Chimera
Boyz - autocannon, grenade launcher, Kommisork
Boyz - autocannon, grenade launcher
Boyz - autocannon, grenade launcher
'Eavy Weapon Skwad - 3 autocannons
'Eavy Weapon Skwad - 3 autocannons

Fast Attack
Skorchawagon - multi-melta
Skorchawagon - multi-melta
Skowt Kanz - 2 w/ autocannons

'Eavy Support
Lemmon Rust Battlewagon - hull lascannon

Total - 2000

Ok, so I think this one is better.  I've got 4 Chimeras full of loving rolling your way, backed by 2 Hellhounds, 2 Demolishers, and 2 Sentinels either outflanking or staying back in support.  I figured long range firepower was my biggest problem, so I stuck 9 autocannons and a vanilla Russ in the backfield.  The single BS3 lascannon isn't great on its own, but it will be used in tandem with the Battle Cannon to go after transports and infantry primarily.  If need be, I can blob my infantry up, keep Straken handy, and use them as a big tarpit or use them to push into midfield to generally cause problems.  It just wouldn't be Orky any other way :P

I like this version better, what do y'all think?

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The_King_Elessar said...

It's nice. 'Eavy Teems should be modelled as Grots, a la Big Gunz. :)