Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Irony WIN!

Catching up on things after getting stuck with work. Saw Reecius's shitastic conclusion and the usual drivel that followed.

This, in particular made me lol.

Bigred, in response to all the trolling (I guess raising legitimate and thought out questions counts, idk)

"Continueing the warning from yesterday... I don't know if Spring Break has somhow altered the brain chemistry of the wargames populace, but certain members of the readership have become much nastier over the past few days.

Everyone is welcome to express their opinion and arguments in an adult manner, but personal attacks and obcenities will be dealt with quickly. This thread is being monitored."

Dethtron, my new favorite person, responded thusly
"Please post better articles. You're making it very difficult for me to want to continue reading this blog. Dethrolla wrecks mech, foot eldar= awesome, this sub-optimal mechdar list is easy to win with, the exorcist is the greatest tank ever. These articles are not the mark of quality that most people come to expect from this site. Most of them offer bad advice or are self-contradicting. Frankly I even feel sorry for people that spend money putting together junk armies based on bad advice. Some of them may even get so frustrated by how their army plays that they won't even want to play the game anymore, and that will wreck our hobby over time."

And here's bigred's response
"Wow, concern troll is very concerned. Let me get this straight, you don't agree with certain tactical arguments, thus because you are infallible the arguments must be incorrect, and anyone who agrees with them is doomed to fail at the game, and will thus quit the hobby in disgust.

Is that your final argument? Care to offer up any empirical evidence to back that up? I'm sure you're own tactical thoughts come from actual tournament level gameplay experience and not fever pitched internet raving...right???

What a load of narcissistic rubbish. Its nice to see the flying monkeys are out in force today..."


Now, I know bigred is just a person like everybody else, but as the head honcho of BoLS he should know better. It reflects poorly on him and his site. The worst part, it shows just how well entrenched these folks are. Reecius posted a shitty list, no two ways about it, and the fact that nobody on staff felt the need to call him on it is worrisome. We're no longer about helping the community, we're about getting moniez from page loads and fuck quality. It's no longer a collection of like-minded individuals, it's just BoLS and if you mess with one you mess with all. No thought, no discussion, just defensive ad hominem attacks and censorship.

And they call me a zombie...


The_King_Elessar said...

BigRed is a fucktard hypocrite. There, I said it.

PS - Pokemon always was, and always will be, the greatest RPG of all time.

Farmpunk said...

responses like that are why I don't even bother commenting at BoLS. It's spread to most of their cadre.

at least Fritz and Goatboy take criticism in stride, and admit they're not perfect.

Jwolf can be resonable.

the rest of 'em think they all poop rainbows.

Farmpunk said...

oh yeah, and also remember:

everything's bigger in Texas. Even the Assholes

Mercer said...

BoLS stuff has been poor and I notice that you mess with one you mess with all lol. Some are ok, others aren't.

Anonymous said...

I fired off at mkker once and goatboy actually said he was the liberal rules lawyer of the bunch, and made a bit of a joke about it. When i saw the post at first i thought, oh god, more people to the defense of righteousfury+straken+CA...

goatboys pretty chill.

i dont really see fritz as a bols guy though. I've been following him for a long time.

Chumbalaya said...

Oh yeah, I <3 Goatboy, he's easily the best of the bunch. Fritz I don't always agree with, but he's definitely his own entity. I have no problems with them and really most of the folks there generally, it's just this vibe I get of BoLS no longer being a community thing and more of an entity unto itself, basically GW marketing.

No more painting and homebrew rules/scenarios, just the same 3 bullets + discuss, crap articles, unfounded hype/controversy, and just writing stuff for its own sake.

The_King_Elessar said...


I blame the mentality of the site, which has shifted from 'Let's do stuff that's fun and helpful' to 'Let's pay for BoLSCon without any personal outlay, and make a tidy profit too'

If that's somehow wrong, it's certainly how it comes across.

Chumbalaya said...

'Tis Mega Lame