Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Possible project? IG counts-as

Hey, lots of good discussion in my new Ork army thread. I feel so loved :D

Magicjuggler made an interesting comment about using his Orks with the Blood Angel rules, Blood Axes.

I saw this over on BoLS, an Ork army using IG rules. Huh, I mused, that sounds sweet. Then I check up on MBG's blog, Spiky Bitz. This and this was enough to get me thinking.

Well, since I don't like the current Ork Codex at all, but I love Orks, I though I could do something about it.

Blood Axes of my own.

I love the IG Codex. It's got tons of variety and lots of competitive builds inside. I was going to go full on IG for a while, but to get the army I want ended up costing so much I was pretty much proxy playtesting for months before I gave it up. I still have an old Catachan Battleforce, Leman Russ Apoc box, and Chimera lying around unused.

To make this work, I took stock of all the vehicles I own and don't use, Orky, IG and otherwise.

3 Trukks, 2 GW Battlewagons, 1 Chimera, 2 Sentinels, a Wave Serpent, a Vindicator, and 3 Leman Russes I've been in the process of turning into more wagons. I've also got 6 Deff Koptaz.

That's certainly a lot of armor, yes? All I would have to do is Orkify so it fits with the IG Codex.

I'm thinking, Trukks/Chimera = Chimera, Leman Russ = Russ (duh), Battlewagon = Hellhound (cover up the back compartment and stick a bunch of fuel drums in there), Sentinels/Kanz = Sentinels. The Vindy and Serpent elude me at present, maybe more Chimeras or artillery?

For the men themselves, Shoota boyz fit nicely. Weapon teams can be Grot Big Gunz, special weapons can be snazzguns, modded burnas, or modded shootas, and gear like voxes can be repped by bosspoles, grots with megaphones, and the like.

S3 T3 doesn't seem Orky, but I'm sure if da boyz wuz drilled hard enuff dey could learn to be weedy like dem humies ;)

Now, who will lead this grand force? Straken, of course, he's practically a Warboss already. Any Orks near him can't help but feel the power of the Waagh! I also must have a Kommisork with his kap and squig.

This would be the most ambitious project I've attempted, but I think it would be doable and fun.

I'll see if I can come up with a list at work, but for now, what do y'all think about this scheme?


Farmpunk said...

Orky IG would be fun to do.

heck, you'd be hitting with your guns for once.
heck, make everything run by Grots, who found an Imperial sector that ahd been killed of entirely, so they mades it bettah for da EmpawaAAGH!

The_King_Elessar said...

I can't wait.

Jwolf said...

Looks like a good idea, and there are plenty of great conversions to do.

Deff Koptas as Rough Riders would be fun - Orky Lances would be great areas to do something crazy.

The_King_Elessar said...

I have in fact seen an army of Rebel Grots made of IG and plastic Gobboes. Twas awesome, especially Sentinels.