Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOVA 2012: GT game 1

So, let's kick things off with the battle reports.  In my sleepless stupor I failed to take quality pictures, or recover all the lists I picked up.  Regardless, I'll fight through things and deliver the kind of groundbreaking, high quality content you, the reader, have come to expect from such a respected publication as Blackjack & Hookers.

My first game was against pure Necrons.  his list was very different from mine, including such hits as:
Illuminor Szeras
Overlord w/ warscythe, sempiternal weave, mindshackle scarabs, phylactery
Royal Court of 1 destructek w/ solar pulse, 1 tremortek w/ harp of dissonance, 1 Lord w/ warscythe, orb
5 Lychguard w/ shields in a Night Scythe
Triarch Stalker w/ TL heavy gauss cannon
17 Warriors with Szeras' loving
9 Warriors plus Ghost Ark
10 Warriors
8 Immortals w/ gauss
2x5 scarabs
2 A barges

Round 1 was Dawn of War deployment with KPs > Quarters > Objectives as Primary > Secondary > Tertiary.

I deployed first.  I stuck Zahndrekh on a corner objective, boyz and barges in the middle and Ork fire support over on the opposite flank.  He deployed Szeras' unit centrally, loading Zahndrekh's opposite side with Warriors, Barges, Triarch and the Ark.  Immortals and Scarabs covered the far side.

Orks ran up the middle, getting shot up along the way, and ultimately drew all fire from my army while trading with their own firepower.  I shouldn't have run through the central terrain, rather just shoved my army down one flank and overwhelmed it.  But 60 Fearless bodies in cover is a massive pain to remove.

Scarabs dropped as soon as they got into sight, Tesla Destructors winning hard.  Stalker was taken out by tank hunting gauss flayers at range.  Ark by Scythes.  Immortals by Deathmarks.

The Lychguard dropped on top of Zahndrekh and the two units fought to a standstill with one Lychguard stubbornly refusing to die while Zahndrekh tanked the Overlord.

In the end we tied on KPs.  There was not a lot of killing going on with big units on both ends, me losing my Blades, a Barge and a mob while he lost the Ark, Stalker, Immortals and Scarabs.  We tied on quarters, but I won on objectives.  His strong deployment to one flank left his objective open for my Warriors, while the boyz held the middle.

Deployment worked, but my method wasn't the best.  The boyz should have rushed his strong flank to control midfield and hem his army into a cornerr.  Deathmarks excel at clearing small to medium objective camping units, leaving them free for Warriors to take over late in the game.  Lychguard dropping in can be focused down rather easily, or even ignored while other quarters/objectives got focused on.

This game was basically my warm up.  I hadn't gotten enough practice in beforehand so I was learning things as I went along.  It was really sloppy on my part, so the game ended much closer than it should have been.

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