Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nova 2012 GT: Round 5

After 4 rounds I found myself 3-1 and in the top bracket.  Myself and 15 of the best players that weekend scrapping for the top spot.  Yikes.

Round 5 was Vanguard deployment with Objectives > Quarters > KPs.  The twist here was the central objective providing Skyfire to whoever controlled it.  Uh oh.

My opponent was another GK list with Wolf allies.

Malleus Inquisitor w/ Terminator Armor, Psycannon and hammer
4x5 Strikes in Passbacks
5 Strikes in Psyback
3 Psyflemen
Rune Priest
10 GH in Rhino
5 Fangs w/ 4 missiles

He deployed first, putting most of his units over to my right near the corner with a token force (Dread, Psyback, Fangs) on my left.  I responded by sticking my Boyz behind the giant wall in the center and closer to his left.  A Barges and Kannonz went opposite his tanks while the Lootaz deployed with Zahndrekh and his friends in my ruin with Tomb Blades hiding behind the ruin.

With Night Fight turn 1, his shooting was largely ineffectual.  In turn, my A Barges began ripping up Razorback hulls.  Orks advanced to reach the middle objective and clear his weak corner, Tomb Blades rushing up a flank.

I pulsed on turn 2 to further hamper his shooting, leaving my A Barges intact while the kannonz and boyz suffered minimal casualties.  Both Warrior Scythes came in, laying waste to more hulls while the A Barges dropped marines with forced saves.  The Orks and Tomb Blades wiped out his weak flank, the Tomb Blades accounting for a Psyfleman and Razorback while the Shootaz torrented down the Strikes.

After neutering two turns of his shooting, it was all down hill from there.  The MSU units were too easily dropped by massed tesla while being unable to kill off Orks in sufficient quantities.  One unit of Warriors knocked out his last Dread and held up his far right flank for a couple turns, giving the Boyz complete control of the middle.  The Deathmarks wiped out his middle corner objective thanks to the greatness of the Abyssal Staff.  The last Warrior unit got dropped off on the recently vacated corner, giving me the win on quarters.

This game further convinced me that pure 5th ed-style MSU just doesn't work in 6th.  Vehicles are easier to take out, small units drop quicker and nothing is able to withstand focused fire or put out enough to drop big, durable units. 

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