Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nova 2012 GT: Round 3

Now we're on to day 2.  My first game was against Grey Knights with Dark Angel allies.  A "double wing" if you will (you won't).

10 Paladins - 4 psycannons, brobanner, mix of weapons, psybolts
5 Strikes in a Psyback
Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator
2x Deathwing Squads w/ hammershields and cyclones

Mission was Objectives > KPs > Quarters with objectives outside of your deployment zones counting as Targeting Relays.  Vanguard Deployment.

Yikes, not a lot of models here.  One of my Boyz mobs outnumbers his whole army.  If I could hold up the Paladerps and focus on everything else, I should be in good shape.  The super unit can hold one objective or quarter while my mounted Warriors can jump onto rear objectives like assholes.

He deployed first, pushing his death star as far up the middle as possible with Strikes hiding behind a hill for an easy objective snag.  The DW and DK were Deep Striking.  I screwed up here, putting my Lootaz and Kannonz too close to his Paladins while my Boyz set up to hold them at midfield.

The Paladins advanced to midfield and shot Boyz all game, eventually amounting to a wipeout of one unit.  The Deathwing and DK dropped in to reinforce the Strikes, exploiting my poor positioning to prevent retaliation from the other mob of Boyz.  Even then, I managed to get into 6" to get off a charge, called the Waagh! and proceeded to roll a 5" charge.

When I woke up and focused on the small units, they dropped.  Massed fire erased the Deathwing while the Dreadknight laughed off everything else.  Deathmarks deleted the marked Strikes in short order (this will be a recurring theme) while Warriors waited until late to beam down onto far objectives.  The Dreadknight tangled with Zahndrekh for a few turns, passing 20-something saves and eventually dragging them down.

We ended up tying on primary and secondary.  The Paladins were at dead center so we had to roll to determine which quarter they occupied.  Unfortunately, they rolled one of my quarters (50% chance) and that was it.

Quite simply, I deployed poorly here.  I should have put my firepower units on the far end of my deployment zone to contest everything but the Paladins while the Boyz occupied their attention all game.  A little more firepower onto the Dreadknight or even Zahndrekh sacrificing himself to hold it up would have been enough.

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