Sunday, September 26, 2010


Holy fucking shit, the end times are nigh!

Archon, The Big Boss of Facerape
 Incubi, the Archon's Home Slices and all around dickrippers

 Lelith says fuck you.
I can't tell Wych models are best.         
Our weapons are terror, darkness and SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED
The engines.  Raise them!
Sure looks nice for a bunch of Dark Lance wound counters.
I need to change my pants.


Iggy said...

If Fritz's eyes have really not deceived him, apparently the new Harlequins featured in the Dark Eldar dex are 'updated for 5th', and 'blow the craftworld harlies out of the water'.

*performs Riverdance

Sorrowshard said...

I jizzed in my pants , my 4th ed eldar are officially on hold from November.

For me this is the most spectacular release from GW , possibly ever, I'm hoping the CWE don't end up gettting sidelined.

Lol 5th Ed harlies , likely including a solitaire , OH YEAHH !!

Im off tho find a pressure hose to remove the underwear particles from my ceiling....

Black Blow Fly said...

I heard Lilith has a gangster pimp pierced tongue . She can spat it (speshul r00l).

Jon said...

@black blow fly: I think you're thinking of tila tequila.

@Iggy: from what I saw, they're exactly the same as craftworld 'quins. I guess we'll see (maybe new units rather than updated stats?)

Mal said...

Im just getting back into the DE army, soo much to relearn, and with a new dex out in 2 months... heh I can't wait!

Im somewhat concerned about how much of my army will carry over into the new dex, but I seriously doubt they'll alter the core of the army much, if they did we would have heard something about it by now.

DaveHowitzer said...

Oh dear, oh dear, looks like Dave is gonna be a very poor man come November. Goddamn GW for making such sexy plastic crack.