Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Escalation Tourney *Updated 9/3*

Something coming up at the FLGS.

-No SCs
-No more than 1 of any vehicle
-No more than 2 of any particular Troops unit
-No more than 1 of each unit in Elites/Fast/Heavy
-2 HQs max

500 points
-Nothing T6 or greater
-No more than 3 wounds
-No vehicles with AV13 or higher
-1 Troop minimum
-no more than 1 Elite/Fast/Heavy

750 points
-2 Troop minimum

1000 and up
-No more than 2 Elite/Fast/Heavy

Sounds like a fun little event, but the ban of special characters really pisses me off.  It's fucking arbitrary as shit and belies a general lack of understanding of the game.  I play Loganwing and Bloodwing, one of my buddies plays Deathwing, so fuck us right?  If you stock special characters and fully intend to have people buy them, then you had better fucking let them be used.

The ban on dupes is an attempt to keep spam away, but then you're just fucking over the older armies with fewer choices.  Guess my nids, DA and Daemons can sit this out too.

I'm not sure if I want to go, but I'll be putting up potential lists with minimal purchases required.  I have absolutely no desire to drop a bunch of coin because all the armies I have already bought are invalidated.  Anything I do buy is coming from another store, second hand or the Warstore.

Anybody got any ideas?


Papa JJ said...

I don't care for the restrictions that you mentioned, but otherwise it seems interesting. I'm curious how it will turn out.

eriochrome said...

I would also guess no necrons since warriors have no options. Maybe a unit of 10 is different enough from a unit of 11?

Special characters can cause problems at 500 points but they should be allowed if you are up to 1750 points.

I think less spam is always better than more spam though.

The_King_Elessar said...

This tournament basically tells you you can't play Eldar. No more than 2 Wave Serpents? Fuck off.

hyv3mynd said...

To understand the decisions of the TO, you need to understand that our area hosts around 14 tourneys a year from 'ardboyz to our GT to minthly shop tourneys. Of those 14, 'ardboyz is currently the only non-comp option we have to play in.

Competative gamers are vastly outnumbered and even ridiculed by "fluffy hobbyists". When the comp discussion arises, it invariably ends in "play our way or don't come".

It will be a fun event. I even pre-reg'd before the rules have been finalized.

You have to admit though, Logan is unkillable at 500pts with the restrictions on MC's, wounds, etc.

The only reason I eeked out a draw in our practice 500 was I ran away like a scared girl from him.

Chumbalaya said...

It will be fun, which is why I'm trying to find something that works. I'm just annoyed that my main army is made invalid, as are my project armies.

Logan is 275 points, over half my army. He is a beat stick in combat, but he's also not the most nimble fella there is. The Shrikes alone could probably murder him, but it would be mutual destruction. Anybody else can just shoot down my 9 marines and blast him. Really I feel like I'm handicapping myself paying so many points for a 3 wound model on foot.

Once we get the rules finalized I'll be posting up some lists and how I got to 'em.

hyv3mynd said...

Also, before they banned SC's, you could take logan, but nids can and must only take tyranid prime.

What 500pt nid list would you write to counter logan, 5 wg, and 5 long fangs.
Logan has EW and attached to WG nids can't shoot him to death before they die to 5 missiles a turn. Good luck doing 3 wounds to him with a 2+/4++ before he hits you with 7 str8 attacks with PE rerolls.

Chumbalaya said...

Tyranid are getting boned by the restrictions. You can't even take HG in the first round >,<

I'd probably go the swarm route. Hormies and Gants all day.

Prime w/ bonesword and lash, toxin
20 Terms w/ devourers
15 Horms w/ toxin, glands

Just bodies running up to say hello. Hormies with toxin and glands scare me in any HtH just through sheer number of attacks. Devourers and spore mines can force enough saves to drop what few marines I have. Massed fire is the bane of my army. And the Prime can jump in and maul pretty much anything solo.

Problems arise when mech shows up, particularly Dreadnoughts, which is really telling of how much it hurts for bugs to have no MCs or HG.

hyv3mynd said...

I like the ork concept for this tourney. They have a lot of good tools wihout having to dupe and trip up.

I would put burnas and a trukk to hijack in the 750 batch because they are so flexible.

Von said...

@hyv3mynd: they also have vastly reduced capacity for target saturation, which is essential for getting volumes of crummy AV10 open-topped chassis to where they need to be. Dreadnought builds are similarly disabled (one Kan? you're havin' a giraffe). I'm not going to grumble as much about only one Loota unit, since the environment won't stretch their target priorities too much.

There might be something potentially entertaining with Deffkoptas, Bikes (one regular unit, one Nob unit) and lots of infantry, though; acceptable volume of similar targets and not a chuggy, dull infantry horde. I suppose the organisers deserve a pat on the back for making three-strong Kopta mobs a viable choice...

hyv3mynd said...

Transport saturation will be hurt, but not target saturation.

He could still take a BW+DR for the 750pt round. Trukk and Looted Wagon if needed.

KFF + Kanz will prolly do well in the early rounds, but not much after 1k/full table size since he can only take 1 unit.

What about:

Big Mek + KFF, BP (90)
Deff Dread (Troops)+ rokkits (95)
3 Meganobz (120)
Trukk DT (35)
Kan + Rokkit (50)
10 Grots 1 RH (40)
Kopter + Rokkits, Buzzsaw (70)

500pts, 3 units with rokkits, 4 units with str8+ pk, 3 armored units, scout/alphastrike kopter

Add lootas and a looted wagon/BW for a bunker next.

Stelek said...

Tell the store your problems, and the reason why you spend money there is to play there.