Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DaBoyz GT Primer: Game 1

Apologies in advance for the poor pic quality, I suck at cameras apparently.

Played against Dan first round.  Fantastic color scheme on his Tyranids and an awesome Tervigon conversion using clear resin.

Hist list:
Hive Tyrant - Lash Whip & Bonesword, Scything Talons, Wings, Hive Commander, Paroxysm, Leech Essence

Hive Guard Brood - 3
Zoanthrope Brood - 3, Spore Pod
Venomthrope Brood - 1

Tervigon - Stinger Salvo, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Termagant Brood - 14
Hormagaunt Brood - 19, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Hormagaunt Brood - 19, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
Genestealer Brood - 7, Scything Talons, Broodlord
Tyranid Warrior Brood - 4, Lash Whip & Bonesword, Toxin Sacs

Heavy Support
Trygon Prime

So, all told, not exactly my kind of army.  AT is down to 2 units and the army focuses on 2 CC critters and the lynchpin that is the Tervigon.

My list is here.  
 Yes, it's a box top and no, I don't want to talk about it.

Mission 1: Lost Artifact (Modified to only have 4 objectives)

So, it's an objective game with a tweest.  Objectives drop in the center and scatter, then units have to forgo shooting in order to "search" the markers for the true objective.  Then it's a fight over that one little flag.  I actually like this mission, it's random and "fun" but still relatively balanced.

Terrain was fairly sparse with no real LoS blockers and lots of area terrain.  I wanted to advance my Wolf Guard into midfield when safe and use the TWC and Lone Wolves to search objectives while I pick off the Tyrant and Trygon.

I won the roll off and elected to deploy first in the bottom right triangle.  Long Fangs in cover and in the rear to get maximum fields of fire and prevent any funsies from outflankers.  Wolf Guard spread to give me good fire lanes and coverage for potential objective drops.  Lone Wolves went inside while TWolves went out due to their larger threat range.  Plan is to nail his real threats (Tyrant, Trygon) then advance to mop up and secure the objective.

He set up cover for his important MCs and everybody else while outflanking the Hormies and Genestealers.  Zoeys in the Pod.

Turn 1
Wouldn't you know it, he seized :P  Shit rushes forward, Tyrant gets out of Venomthrope range and the Tervigon poops out on his first roll.  1 objective scatters toward me, 1 towards him, nobody is able to search.

My 2 objectives scatter right into his lines >,<  I shuffle around to line up shots and proceed to nuke the Venomthrope, Tyrant, wound the Trygon and hurt some Warriors.  TWC fails to find anything.

Turn 2

All his reserves come in.  Genestealers show up on my right, ready to pounce on some Fangs.  Hormies show up on the other side, very unhappy.  Zoeys show up on top of me, between the Trygon and my army.  He moves to secure the markers and start searching while the Trygon advances cautiously.  Shooting is fairly ineffectual, though he does find the artifact, deep in a big unit of Termagants.  Genestealers muck up a unit of Fangs, though some tricksy wound allocation sinks all the rending hits onto a rather unfortunate Pack Leader :P

Logan and crew prepare to do battle, popping Preferred Enemy.  Lone Wolves look to engage the Zoanthropes and Pod while the TWC rush after the Tervigon.  Shooting finishes the Trygon, wipes the Warriors and wounds the Tervigon.  TWC slap the Tervigon around, killing 5 or so gaunts in the process.  Lone Wolves both finish their targets while Logan and his crew tear up the Genestealers.  Things already look over by turn 2.

Turn 3
It's a desperate struggle to hang on to that objective, so the TWC must die.  Too bad they kinda suck at that ;)  Each unit of Hormagaunts charges a TWolf and promptly get beaten up for their trouble.  Hormies get away and the TWC are content to simply escort them off the board.

Time to head for that objective.  Shooting kills gaunts with frags and the TWC mow down a unit of gaunts.

Turn 4 and on
Bugs get slapped around in combat or shot up and run away, one TWC finally bites it.

At the end I won the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary objectives.  I only got 2/3 bonus points, only because the objective was dropped by me and not my opponent.

I'm not going to say I'm awesome or anything, because we all knew what was going to happen.  As long as comp = gimped, you'll never see strong competition at a comp tourney, unless you count retard slap fights.  Now, my opponent was a great sport and we had fun, so I've got no complaints there.  He knew his stuff and I'm just stuck wondering what could have been if he hadn't been strapped under the yoke of the "play shit or you're a dick" mentality.


Kirby said...

Loganwing gives Tyranids trouble anyday of the week though. T-fexes are about all that troubles Loganwing thanks to 2+ saves but you have the spread and mobility to get shots without cover on terivgons/hive guard.

Glad I got the auto-draw mission against Loganwing @ LoT :P.

Brent said...

Is this competition similar to the one later this year in Rochester New York?

I'm attending and I'm struggling with the comp.

Chumbalaya said...

Yeah, it was kinda messy :P

Brent, you coming up to DaBoyz GT in November? I would <3 you more if you did.

hyv3mynd said...


This was the primer for the GT in November. Same mission format, same scoring (based on 3 games instead of 5 and 60% of the full comp/painting/sportsmanship scores).

The comp can be a struggle, but simplified as such:
1. avoid special characters
2. avoid duplicate selections and choose different wargear if you do have dupes

3. take as many diverse troops as you can and make sure you have more points in troops than any other FO.

You can check out my blog for more batreps from this event and more army samples. Don't worry so much about handling a list like Chumby's, his was the only "competative list" out of 24 players.

Invest more time in painting and practicing with a comp list and you'll do fine.

@Chumby~ I need more practice games with you. I still think I can beat you with a comp list someday.

Cyklown said...

hyv3mynd, so what you're saying that you basically have to play a newer codex or else get hit with the gimp-hammer? Classy.

hyv3mynd said...

Not necessaril√Ĺ. Top comp scores went to Tyranids, orks, and IG.

Top overall were IG, Dark Angels, and Daemons.

Several old codex's in there. They are mainly looking for people to show their skill in using a diverse and uncommon list. These local guys respect someone who can win with "one of everything" lists more than those who can point 18 missiles a turn and shoot.

Chumbalaya said...

Actually, using a newer Codex might be to your detriment considering the "ooh shiny" factor. Of course, you can still build an IG or SW army with no dupes and be way better than a Necron or Ork army with the same restrictions.

Gimphammer it is and gimphammer it will remain. You can either run with it, make the compy army and chuck dice around no-stress style, or bring a good army and be forced to club seals and get max BPs to even think about placing, with all the drama that entails. I got Best Gen this way and I could place higher for overall with better painting. It's possible, just requires more work and nerd rage.

Sick burn Aaron, you cut me deep bro. My army's only point and click when you guys make it so easy with just 1 or 2 real threats :P

hyv3mynd said...

LOL don't you worry. I'll build a more competative Nid list (is that even possible?) after the GT with more "threats" for you to shoot at.

Funds are limited and since every single friggin tourney in Rochester is comp... my Ardboyz/NOVA build is going to have to wait.

I give it to you, that list is genious. You gotta admit tho, it's a lot easier to win with that on the table than it is to win with 1850pts of mediocre mix. That's what DaBoyz wanna see. Making lemonade from lemons. I'm still willing to fire up a non-comp gaming club to provide a local alternative whenever you're ready.

Don't forget the subjectivity and "in crowd" factor is working against you. They never actually recognized "Best General" - you... weird. They gave out all kinds of store credit, boxed tanks, and t-shirts for every other cool-aid drinker. In fact, I think I counted 7 prizes none of which were BP related.

Ahh well you still have my love for not conforming and schooling Courtney. I even wouldn't mind seeing you take BG at the GT, just as long as I can still get BO with my comptastic list.

Brent said...

Ya, I'm attending - it'll be tres cool to finally meet you, Chumby my man!

I'm going up with Goat and Darkwynn - Jordan, too, I think.

Hyv, I'll definitely check it out. I'm thinking about bringing my Eldar, so that should work in my favor.

I didn't know that about Special Characters - I guess Eldrad is out...

Chumbalaya said...

Brent! Yay! Super yay! With all these big names coming we so have to get a Friday Night Internet Fight Club going. I'll talk to Jay and see what can be done. Otherwise it'll just be lots of in-jokes and glomping. I'm down for either :P

Aaron, I look forward to it. I'm sure you'll do fine against my comptastic list ;)

I definitely agree that taking a good list vs a comp list is going to heavily favor the stronger list. What people fail to realize is that if you bring 2 good lists, you actually get real competition as opposed to seal clubbing. I've had more fun losing close games to another optimized army than crushing some poor guy's compy army.

I am still thinking of bringing the Loganwing and bringing down the house. I can troll the old guard, walk away with some loot, and show that playing an optimized list doesn't make you a dick. Of course, that path runs the greatest risk of going home empty-handed and I'm sure the old guard won't go down without making life miserable for me. I'd just as soon take an uber-comp list and not even sweat it. They know I could show up and smoke them, but it's not worth my time dealing with the butthurt drama bullshit.

Still plenty of time to decide of course. Gotta get painting >,<