Saturday, September 25, 2010

8th Edition Winsauce: 2250 Skaven

While I'm working on some build requests for some of you jerks (Sicarius? Seriously? :P) and stuff, I just thought about Fantasy a bit. 

I'm not really jiving with it just yet, mostly because I haven't had many chances to play since 40k is king around here.  But reading through the rulebook, discussions with folks online and such handy resources as 3++ and YTTH have definitely helped me get the old thinking parts working.

2250 is the standard locally, so here's an idea for a shooty/magic/MSU Skaven dealy.

Grey Seer - General, Dispel Scroll
Magic is fun, but only when I get it off.
Grey Seer - Power Scroll
Dreaded 13th with IF?  Yes please!

Warlock Engineer level 1 w/ Doomrocket, Warp Energy Condenser
Another dose of Warp Lightning hopefully as well as the odd extra Power die and the hilarity that is the DOOM Rocket
3x Warlock Engineers
Hi, I'm a 15 point Hero who can cockblock and annoy people all fucking day.

2x 30 Clanrats, shields, full command, Warpfire Thrower
Big bunkers for my Seers to hide in, Steadfast numbers and WFTs to start frying shit.
2x 10 Stormvermin, banner, Poisoned Wind Mortar
More MSU, more weapon teams, hell yeah!
2x 20 Slaves, slings, musician
Dirt cheap screens, flank anchors and 20 potentially poisoned sling shots for lulz.
2x 5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster
Hey, I'm an annoying 23 point unit, want to waste time shooting or charging me?  No?  Too fucking bad!

2x 5 Gutter Runners, Poisoned Attacks, Slings
Hi Fast Cav, fuck off!  Also War Machines get dicked by massed poison.

2x Doomwheel
1) Doomwheels are awesome, 2) Doomwheels are awesome
2x Warp Lightning Cannons
Hey look, a cannon that can blow up monsters and blocks.  Sweet!

Total - 2250

So, I just shoot the piss out of you, magic your shit up, and if need be come in with lots of impact hits and steadfast blocks.  Hopefully this will work. 

Look out for more Fantasy stuff today, maybe I can get my Dr. Doom themed Army of Ratveria finished too :3


GMort. said...

Nice list. I fielded a Skaven army basically using what I had assembled and found to my surprise that I quite enjoy Warhammer despite the lack of Power armour and Boltguns, lol.

I built myself a Plague Furnace so I sort of have to use it in my army just because it looks so damn cool ;-)

Archnomad said...

Looking good. How are you getting poison on the slaves though?

Also, I think you should drop the grey seer. With no spell duplication I don't think I've been in a situation where I'd want 2 seers, especially as I field my level 1 warlock with Warp Lightning.

I actually ran a list pretty similar to this, it was 2k though. But I ran 3 units of 50 slaves and a BSB too (as well as 6 poisoned wind mortars, 2 WLC, 2 Wheels, Seer). Honestly, the anvils really helped. I can see what you're going for with the small irritating units, but sometimes you need something that can take a punch. And against a hydra (for example) who can happily dish out 16 attacks (8 handlers + 8 from the hydra) and then another 3D6 S5 hits, 30 clanrats isn't really enough.

Of course, doomwheels and WLC should be able to deal with them. But when they trundle 4" forward and end up shooting some spearmen... ugh.

How're the Slave Slingers testing? It's a unit I'm trying out in my next game. (:

Chumbalaya said...

Bless With Filth FTW :3

2 Seers may not always get all their spells off, but they give me a good range of spells to choose from and more Tokens and an extra +4 to dispel should one of them fluff the roll.

I'd like to think that a Hydra will not be a fan of getting Scorched or hit by a WFT. Big blocks would be neat, I just think I can do better spread out with this particular army. Helps if people take lots of templates that don't do much to units of 10.

Sling slaves are funtastic. 6s to hit on a good day, but potentially 40 shots is delightful.

Kavzar said...

Bless only works in combat. Would be absolutely sickening if it worked at range xD.

I see your point with the 2 seers, I just don't think it's worth an extra 240 points.

See in my list I've got 2 units of 20 slingers with musicians at the moment, and I'm debating taking them out for min units of giant rats and naked warlock engineers, because my list is running dual hellpits, which really benefit from that asshattery which is blocking big units from moving around. I'd absolutely love to have 2 WLC in that list, but one Hellpit just isn't enough. I'm alternating between two lists at the moment (shooty list, much like this one, and one with a verminlord and 2 hellpits). Not sure which one I like better, but I can vouch for the big blocks being amazing in both, I tried minmax, and as soon as something got in to my lines, shit hit the fan.

Fair play to the WFTs against hydras, but bear in mind those things can't move and fire, and hydras can move damn quick when they need to, and I wouldn't rely on scorch.

Agreed about the templates on units of 10, it works in reverse too though (as I found out, much to my disgust >_<).

Was looking at slave shooting, did some rolling. 40 shots hitting on 7s and 20 shots hitting on 6s, you should get the same number of hits from both. But oddly enough I seem to get more hits from the 20 shots hitting on 6s. It's weird.

Anyway, I'm not sold on running no slave blocks, I absolutely needed them in my game. WFTs are pretty easy to gun down, and if you hide them behind things, well skaven are easy to panic, the rate you can drop ranks in 8E.

However, you do have more banners than I (I really need to fit some in to my skaven list, but I just can't bring myself to take clanrats, they're so bad compared to slaves) which is good. How has Blood and Glory tested for you? I play 2k, which means it's a bit easier on me than you.

Whew, big reply is big.

Archnomad said...

Not sure why it called me Kavzar.... Anyway, it's still me.

Chumbalaya said...

Oh snap, good catch. I don't get much Fantasy in and it shows >,<

I think different things work in different builds. I don't have the HPAs so I don't need big blocks to hold things up, you have the smashy doom critters so you don't need to rely as much on offensive magic or shooty.

Formal testing hasn't quite begun yet, mostly due to lack of interest in Fantasy locally. When I do get some games in, reports will be forthcoming.

Archnomad said...

Hey thanks, it's why sites like these exist, right?

I think you're definitely right there. I noticed in my games with the shooty list a LOT of the heavy lifting was done by the grey seer. He usually made up at least twice his points. Shooting... the only things that really excelled were the WLCs. You noticed this at all?

And if you're at all interested, check out my blog;

There will be a lot of Skaven stuff on there, so you might find it interesting. And if I may be so bold (hur hur) could I add blackjack & hookers to the blog list, if you add Skavenblight?

Chumbalaya said...

My Ratling Guns still rack up a fearsome tally and WFTs almost always do plenty of damage (even if it's to my own troops). WLCs are solid gold I've found. Doomwheels I'm not as sold on, but I need to start testing 2 for consistency's sake.

Grey Seers and templates are huge early, then I like having the multiple shot stuff for mop up later.

I would be honored to be on your roll and I shall reciprocate. I don't get nearly enough Fantasy exposure to keep me satisfied.

Mike said...

1 A-bomb is much superior to 2 Doomwheels.

Doomwheels don't scare me. If they don't charge, they are toast, and with the new rules, multi-wound critters are in shorter supply. Abominations are more resilient and can wreck units.