Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DaBoyz GT Primer: Game 2

I'm up against Chris, big fish in the local club and beyond, or so I'm told ;)

His list, going from memory since I forgot to steal a copy:
Archon - Poisoned Blade, Hellmask, Animus Speculum
Retinue - Incubi, Plasma Grenades, 2 Warriors w/ Splinter Cannons, Raider w/ Disintegrator
3 Haemonculi, 1 w/ Scissorhands, Flamer thingy, Jetbike, Shadowfield, 1 w/ Scissorhands, Flamer thingy, Jetbike, 1w/ Scissorhands, Stinger

10 Wyches, Succubus w/ Goblet of Spite, Agonizer, Raider w/ Disintegrator
6 Grotesques, Raider w/ Disintegrator
Warp Beasts

Raider Squad - 10, Dark Lance, Blaster, Raider w/ Disintegrator
Raider Squad - 10, Dark Lance, Blaster, Raider w/ Disintegrator
Raider Squad - 10, Dark Lance, Blaster, Raider w/ Dark Lance
Warrior Squad - 10, 2 Dark Lances

Fast Attack
4 Jetbikes, 2 Blasters

Heavy Support
Ravager - 3 Disintegrators, Night Shields


My list is here.

Mission 2 was Devastation.

So, KPs against mech DE.  Yeah.  VPs could be a problem since his is even more MSU than mine, but nailing those expensive characters and Heavy Supports should be good.  I chose "Hold the Center" as my Secondary, since that's what I always try to do anyway :P

This board had a lot more terrain.  Plenty of buildings to block LoS or obscure along with some easy area terrain to make use of.

I won the roll off and deployed first.
 All that plasma can cause me headaches, so I made sure all my units got cover from the ruins, other units, or the river.  Since I don't have to really do anything but sit back, roll dice, and bum rush the board center, I'm in no hurry to go after those silly space elves.

He hides his Warp Beasts in some ruin and everything else is in reserve.

Turn 1

Turn 2
My army twiddles their collective thumbs.

Ravager, 3 Raider squads, the foot Warriors, the Archon and retinue all come in.  The doom ride zooms 24" up to say hello while everybody else goes 12" to shoot.  Lots of scattering and passed cover saves later, jack all happens.

Turn 3
18 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannons, D6 Autocannon shots and 2 Heavy Bolters versus open-topped AV10.  Math, do it.  This is why I forgot what his tanks all had, they didn't last more than a turn.   Cue the passive aggressive.  "Aren't Space Wolves an assault army?"  Make it into assault and find out (Pro Tip: Don't do this).  TWC jumps into the Shadowfield dude and they decide to just fuck around doing nothing.

Wyches, Jetbikes, Talos and Grotesques show up.  Archon and Co. jump a Lone Wolf and shank him, but they have nowhere to go.

Turn 4
More shooting, only the Archon and 2 Incubi remain, along with some very bewildered Dark Elfdar wondering where their ride went.  Lone Wolf and other Twolf gang up on the Shadowfield, who just laughs.

Archon and Co. jump a unit of Wolf Guard in some ruins, kill 2 and lose an Incubus.  Stuff moves up, shooting is ineffectual, and cue whining.  Talos and Wyches jump into the big scrum, killing 1 TWolf while mine just faff about. 

Turn 5
Logan and his unit pop Preferred Enemy and jump into the fray.  Shooting blows up what little is left.  Logan pops his +1 Attack aura and they proceed to butcher the fuck out of the Wyches, Haemonculus and Talos.  Incubi and Archon get dragged down too.  And cue bitching about how broken Logan is.

Jetbikes and Haemonculus zoom up, do nothing.  Warriors cower, do nothing.  Grotesques shuffle up, do nothing.

Turn 6
Mop up operations are in full force.  We're in full bore obnoxious mode and I just want this game to be over.

I got max points here on KPs, VPs and controlling the center.  And I also got one of the most unpleasant games I have ever played, yay me.

Now, Chris is very passionate about the hobby, has been in it for years and his painting is phenomenal.  He knows his rules, doesn't pull any in-game shenanigans and was perfectly polite before and after the game.  I'd be happy to hang out with him, get some painting tips and just nerd out.  I just don't want to play him in a tournament.  Ever.


Timbo said...

If this is what a compy Dark Eldar list looks like, I'm going to get shellacked on my score. Although the fact that I'm using Mandrakes should instantly net me all of the points.

Chumbalaya said...

Mandrakes, Hellions and Scourges. Perfect comp :P

fester said...

So why was it a crappy game exactly?

Was he just whingy the whole time or something? Or was there more that you aren't gunna put out on the interwebs?

Chumbalaya said...

Whiny and obnoxious to the max. "If you don't play a gimp army like me you're a jerk" nonsense.

Which is weird, because in all my experiences with him outside of that game he's a very enthusiastic, polite and helpful guy.

fester said...

In his defense, you turned up to a spoon fight with a shotgun.

However, yeah, uncalled for.

Chumbalaya said...

Oh yeah, I knew it was going to be bad. I wanted to see if I could sacrifice comp and make up for it on BPs with my army, which I did. I guess what folks don't realize is that I have to basically table everybody I play or I'm out. It's a big hurdle for me to jump.

It is a tournament after all, you really can't expect people to roll over for you. I can understand frustration over such a one-sided game, I felt the same way, but to go beyond that into full on asshat territory is unacceptable.

hyv3mynd said...

Chris is the Cool-Aid king. He's the main voice in TO's ears and reason every local tourney is compaliscious. If he doesn't approve of your list, he isn't afraid to say it to your face.

To his credit, he has like 5+ fully painted armies, supplies like 5+ tables worth of terrain for the monthly tourneys, and almost always is in the top 2 barring a pairing with a list like yours.

It's just too bad we've always gotta play Chrishammer and things go sour if you face him with a non-comp list.

Scary that he got a massacre round #1 with that list, a testament to his skill. I'll give you my 40k cookie at the GT for knocking him out.

Hudson said...

Ugh... Another reason to avoid comp tournaments.

Anonymous said...

"Cue the passive aggressive. "Aren't Space Wolves an assault army?" Make it into assault and find out (Pro Tip: Don't do this)."


Mike said...

Chris is one of the biggest whiners. After Terry beat him in a game, he stood there and berated his list...Because Terry had a single unit of lootas, Snikrot, and a unit of Nob Bikers that weren't all differentiated.

Never mind the standard Eldrad plus Avatar combo along with the standard Snakes on a holo-plane...

I'd also bet good money that if Chuma or I showed up with the same Army as Chris, we'd both get lower comp scores than him.