Sunday, December 6, 2009

1800 Fuck You Skaven

Hey, we've had our local tournies set to 1800 points this. It's stupid, I know, which is why I didn't feel like attending. Well, it's the last one and I thought I might want to go out with a bang and maybe convince somebody that we should give armies like TK, BoC, OK and O&G a chance by bringing it up to 2000-2250. At this level, it just makes the awesome armies (Daemons, HE, DE, Skaven, Brets) awesomer.

Plague Priest-level 2, flail, Plague Furnace, Dispel Scroll, Warp Scroll
Warlock Engineer-level 2, Doom Rocket, Condenser
Chieftain-BSB, shield, War Banner

Clanrats-24, shields, full command, Doom Flayer/Ratling Gun (x2)
Slaves-20 (x2)
Giant Rats-13, 2 packmasters
Giant Rats-5, packmaster

Plague Monks-27, champion, standard, Storm Banner
Plague Censer Bearers-6
Gutter Runners-5, poisoned attacks, slings

Hellpit Abomination-warpstone spikes


Holy crap, a Skaven army that can smash face in assault! Who knew? The Furnace unit can steamroll pretty much anything, and whatever it doesn't catch contends with the A-bomb. On top of that, we've got 2 big ranked units with a BSB, 2 Doom Flayers, 2 sacrificial slave units, and flanking GRats. Shooting is fucked between the Storm Banner and Gutter Runners. Magic isn't totally awesome, but it should be fun too.

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