Sunday, December 6, 2009

2250 balanced Skaven

So, in an effort to pin down my tourney army for Skaven, which is slowly driving me mad, I'll be sharing what I've come up with so far.

Grey Seer-2 warpstone tokens, Scrying Stone, Skavenbrew
Plague Priest-level 2, flail, Plague Furnace, Dispel Scroll, Warp Scroll
Warlock Engineer-level 2, Doom Rocket, Condenser

Giant Rats-31, 4 packmasters
Clanrats-24, shields, full command, Poisoned Wind Mortar
Clanrats-24, shields, full command, Poisoned Wind Mortar
Stormvermin-10, musician, Warpfire Thrower
Stormvermin-10, musician, Warpfire Thrower

Plague Monks-20, champion, standard bearer, Storm Banner
Plague Censer Bearers-6
Gutter Runners-5, slings, poisoned attacks


Adds up to around 2254 so I'm over a smidge.

The Grey Seer drugs up the GRats, who go with the Monks and just cause a ruckus (I was tempted to throw Skweel in there for larfs, but it's tricky finding points for him). Clanrats and MSU vermin do what the old Clanrat/Slaves used to, bait, switch and flank, plus weapon team spam. Stormvermin end up cheaper than minimum Clanrat units, come with higher WS, LD, halberds and heavy armor. So, the Clanrats provide static combat res and the Stormvermin flank and maybe kill something. The big thing is the extra weapon team I squeezed in, yayz! Slaves run out front to make somebody charge, get in the way and die horribly. Doomwheel and PCBs flank and murder people. GRs scout or outflank and go after big weapons and generally be annoying.

I'm not entirely sold on the Storm Banner because I'm not entirely sure if it can be re-used. One Use Only is conveniently absent from its entry, but it seems like something that will be errata'd to say otherwise (you know, in 3 years). I could go for the Banner of the Under Empire to dick any skirmishers or fast cav who dare touch my Monks, combined with Wither it is death on a stick. I'm also not sure if the Plague Monk unit shouldn't be bigger. I removed the censer from the Priest because it seems to hurt me more than anything (15 T tests for me vs. 5 T tests for my opponent, not so good unless they're pansy elves, and Monks murder them anyway), but I don't know if 20 rats will be enough to endure the game.


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