Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wave Serpent -> Battlewagon?

Just got a Wave Serpent in a trade, and I want to turn it into a Battlewagon.

Any ideas?

Found an old 2nd edition Rhino. Let the Mekanikal mayhem began anew!


Unknown said...

Hmmm. Firstly, and obivously replace the shuriken catapult/cannon on the front with a big shoota.

Then on the top pop a battlewagon turret on there, whether it be a big shoota or something else.

Instead of spines how about jagged edges, which look like teeth?

Cockpit obivously drop a ork, or perhaps a gretchin in there.

StreetGirl said...

I'm guessing a Wave Serpent is a lot more valuable than Google Wave ;)