Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marine bubblewrap

Bubblewrap is like my new favorite 40k euphemism. It means, simply, using disposable units to block enemy movement, shooting and assault to protect your valuable forces, if only for a turn. They can be great protection against alpha strikes, quick assaulters, outflankers, deep strikers, and pretty much anything that can close quickly and is nasty at a relatively short range.

The most common types of bubblewrap are cheap units that can take up a large area, bonus points if they can infiltrate or scout to better draw your opponent in to the roadblock. Kroot, Scouts, Guardsmen, and the like are all very handy bubblewrap units. At face value they're fairly meh, not too survivable or killy, but they're cheap and take up lots of room.

Well, with bugs coming soon, I predict bubblewrap is going to be very useful for many armies. It's going to be nigh impossible to stop so much crap coming in at the same time, from infiltrating bargain bin Genestealers to Spore Pods, Gargoyles, flying MCs, Lictors, outflankers, Deep Strikers, and so on. To counter it, you can do three things: 1) Suck it up and die, 2) Go into reserve and alpha strike the alpha strike, or 3) wrap your army up and let them come. They all work, depending on your army. 1) is best for armies with lots of disposable and versatile units, like mech Guard or marines, 2) works nicely for pretty much any mech army, and 3) is handy for anybody with access to such useful units.

But hey, does bubblewrap always have to be so flimsy? How about some tinfoil wrap? Something that can take a punch and maybe swing back. Inspired by a throwaway comment by Stelek regarding using normal Terminators as bubblewrap, I came up with this little number.

Terminator Librarian-storm shield, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity

10 Terminators, 2 cyclones, 2 chainfists

2 Rifleman (dual TLAC) Dreads

3 Tac Squads in Rhinos, multi-melta, flamer, combi-melta

3 MM/HF Speeders

3 dakka Predators

Ends up around 2000 points, give or take random gear. Basically a best of army with a big anvil unit of Termies. Normally I'd say TH/SS Termies win every time, but in numbers the normal fellas can bring the pain at range and up close. Set up your Maginownt line of Termies and stick your fun bits inside the wrapper. Keep yourself protected and dish out 4 missiles and 20 storm bolter shots with a boat load of powerfist attacks and a force weapon for kicks (Tyranids lose Eternal Warrior, Force Weapons get awesome again). Plus, you've got your normal mechanized, mobile, versatile marine army.

Should be fun

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