Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Umpteenth look: Orks

It's maddening coming up with an Ork list that I like, sucky Codices tend to have that problem :P

I'll be reworking my Ork list and hopefully I'll be able to put something worthwhile up.

As is, it's just variations of my battlewagon brigade, featuring:
4-5 Battlewagons full of Nobs, Meganobs, Shoota/Slugga Boyz, Lootas, or even Burnaz/Tankbustas
2 units of Lootas
rokkit/buzzsaw Koptaz and/or rokkit buggies
Big Gunz if I can swing it
Trukk boyz if I'm feeling lucky

I'll post up some actual lists later after I put more thought into it.


Unknown said...

I have seemed to warmed up to a wagon full of burnas, though I still like my lootas. Problem is only 2 units can take a wagon as dedicated transport, and the other 3 are heavy support - can't get a lot of wagon rush if you don't don't nobz or meganobz :(

I've always been pleased with my deffkopters. Only used them a few times and never let me down. Work best in singles as suicide units, they're really annoying and a large amount of fire power is dedicated to take them down, not because they're tough but because another shooting unit is either plenty of guns or a single powerful gun which is better put to use else where.

I'll be watching back for yo lists bud :)

Chumbalaya said...

Burnas are one of those units that I really want to be good. On paper they look like they could wade through just about anything, like Fire Dragons with flamers instead of meltas, but no armor and I3 on the charge just kill them. If only Burnas still did +2D6 against vehicles.