Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Skaveny fun times

Got my first game in with the new book, yayz.

Played my buddy Kyle's Vampire Counts. He was trying stuff out so it wasn't the nastiest list possible, just your standard PD generation Skelly bunker army (14 PD and 4 bounds, lol).

I threw this together quickly:
Thanquol and Boneripper
Plague Priest level 2 w/ censer, 2 scrolls, furnace
3x 24 Clanrats, shields, flag and mus (champ with Thanquol), 2 Ratlings, 1 WFT
2x 20 Slaves
24 Monks, champ, flag, Banner of the Under Empire
5 PCBs
5 GRs w/ poisoned attacks and slings

I threw the Doomwheel on the left flank and centered everything on the Furnace, scouted the GRs. He deployed in a nice line, Dire Wolves on the flanks and 3 units of Skellies with Vamps and a unit of Grave Guard with the Lord.

Things didn't get good until around turn 3. The GRs scouted and march blocked plus sniped a few skellies, magic was ineffectual (rezzing Skellies, dispelled wind of undeath) and I just let him come to me.

Notable moments:
-Doomwheel's first shot was a misfire, then it just played keepaway with a unit of skellies. It isn't good for fighting these guys on its own, so shooting was kinda wasted.
-WFT misfired and blew up first chance it got.
-One Ratling kept misfiring, but it got double 3's and double 6's so it kept on trucking. Still managed to pop a lone Vampire.
-I got the Dreaded 13th off TWICE. One from a miscasting Vampire (scrolled it sadly), the other from irresistable warpstone dice. I nuked a unit of Skellies, killing all but the Vampire, who got blasted by a Ratling Gun.
-A unit of slaves got Death Frenzy and charged into his Grave Guard, killing 4 then popping and killing 2 more plus 2 skellies from their cornered rats rule.
-Boneripper did jack all barring firing his Warpfire Thrower into combat between skellies and slaves and killing 16 slaves and 12 skeletons!
-The Lord and a Vampire, plus their units of GG and Skellies charged the furnace and Priest. They whittled the monks down to 12 plus the Furnace and lost around 13 to smoke, censers, and attacks. Next turn the PCBs ran in, I got off Death Frenzy and gave the Monks 5+ poison and I beat the Vampires by 16 or so and crumbled both units and Vampired, including the Lord!

So, my first impressions:
-Doomwheel is a misfire factory, but it will mess up big monsters and multi-wounders with shooting and crush infantry with impact hits. I may just want an A-bomb or WLC.
-Thanquol is redonkulous, even if I did only roll up 3 Tokens. Re-rolling those 1's saved his ass so many times.
-Ratlings got nerfed hard, but they don't totally suck.
-Skaven magic is insane. Death Frenzy and poisoned attacks FTW.
-VCs only have a few worthwhile spells to stop (Wind of Undeath is murder on weapon teams, Vanhel's, and that's about it) so save your dice.
-More power dice means more miscasts.
-WFTs are awesome, even if they blow up.
-The Plague Furnace is insane, but I'll need a bigger unit.
-The Censer ends up being more trouble than it's worth on a Priest riding a Furnace, he forces a ton of T tests on your Monks on top of the gas and doesn't affect nearly as many enemies.
-PCBs are insane. So freaking good.
-Slaves are still the best fodder unit ever.

We had a great game and I'm looking forward to the rematch Saturday, will post up my 2500 list when I finish it up.

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Sigmar said...

Hi Chumbalaya,

That's one of the things about Skaven, they're so unpredictable it make them a great army to play around with and indeed to play against.

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