Monday, August 9, 2010

Daemonic 'Ard Boyz List for Fantasy

Talking about 40k all the time is boring.  Let's shift gears.

Because I asked nicely :D

Bloodthirster, Axe of Khorne, Immortal Fury, Obsidian armour - 550 points

Herald of Khorne, Juggernaught, Obsidian Armour - 200 points
Herald of Tzeentch, Spell Breaker, Master of sorcery - 165
Herald of Nurgle, palanquin, novious vapours, slime trail, BSB, Great Icon of Despair - 350 points

Core - 40 bloodletters, FC, banner of endless war - 535 points

30 horrors, standard bearer, icon of sorcery - 391

17 plaguebearers, FC, banner of seeping decay - 259

rare - 5 bloodcrushers,FC - 400 points

Total: 3000

I'm gonna pull a Stelek here and let the community take a stab at this one, mostly because I want to go to bed but still feel like posting.  I'll come back with my thoughts in the morning.


Von said...

Yay, something I know something about! Sort of.

I think it's a little bit slow and blocky, and might end up relying on the characters for mobility a little bit more than is comfortable. Even the Bloodcrushers are only average-fast. I would be tempted to trade out the Plaguebearers for some Flesh Hounds (scary-fast) and Flamers (pew pew!).

Also, no Great Standard of Sundering makes me sad.

jollyboy42 said...

This is a great 7th Ed. list. The problem is, it is 7th Edition.

The Bloodthirster is not as good, you need a lvl. 4 caster, so I would use the Keeper with Allure and Torment Blade.

The Plaguebearers and Nurgle Herald are funny, but will be owned because of the new regen rules and the abundance of fire. I would use these points to swap for Flesh hounds or Seekers and a Slanesh herald with Siren's song.

I do not know what the intent of the bloodletters is, but I would rather have 3 or 4 smaller units than that 1 big unit.

Von is right about the Flamers, march and fire makes them a serious threat, and 2 units of 6 will match the shooting power of most armies.

Chumbalaya said...

Thanks guys.

For me, the list has a lot of big smashy blocks, but no real finessey stuff. Furies, Seekers, Hounds, Flamers, and Fiends all give you disposable, mobile units that don't just run headlong into the enemy and beat them down. They also help you deal with war machines, enemy mobile units, screens, diverters, and flankers.

I like the Tzeentch set up, but the Nurgle stuff leaves something to be desired. Losing that in favor of more Bloodletters or Daemonettes to fill up core would be handy, then you could grab Fiends, Flamers, Furies, Hounds or Seekers to give you flexibility and mobility.