Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My NOVA List

Finally, the NOVA coverage begins now.  First off, here's my list.

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath, Chooser of the Slain, Saga of the Beastslayer

Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield
Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield

10 Wolf Guard, 2 WGTs w/ Cyclone Missile Launchers, 1 PAWG w/ Storm Shield
3x 5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher, Chainfist

Fast Attack
3x 1 TWC w/ Powerfist, Storm Shield

Heavy Support
6 Long Fangs, 2 w/ Lascannons, 3 w/ Heavy Bolters
2x 5 Long Fangs, 4 w/ Missile Launchers

Total - 2000


Kirby said...

That's not a nova, it's a friggin CGI vortex. Next!

Solid list but I think a couple of combi's here and there would of been nice :).

How did you find the list did overall in your games?

kennedy said...

No melta? Heresy!

I like it. I really do. I am definitely thinking hard about stealing your Twolf conversions, buddy ;)

Chumbalaya said...

Google Images does not lie!

Everything worked out pretty well. Mech really wasn't a problem in my games, just poor damage rolls against Danny and Stelek. I didn't face any AV14 though, apart from Battlewagons, so melta may be in the cards. As is, TWC have S10 Powerfists and I've got chainfists to help out.

Kirby said...

Pic of TWolves?

Chumbalaya said...

Will do

Mike Brandt; mvbrandt@gmail said...

No that's a NOVA

Stelek said...

Poor? Dude you made my dice feel better after their epic fail against Tony. I figured you can't really do worse than 10% but noooo you had to one-up me and do like 7%. After seizing, your luckstone burn out or something? ;)

Chumbalaya said...

That's been my experience with the army. When my dice decide to go south, they don't fuck around. Logan getting slapped around by Scouts, bolter-less Rhinos getting shaken, Raiders running around undamaged and Termies dying in droves to Manticores

Sorrowshard said...

I casually ran/run a pseudo loganwing list and man does it suffer when the dice go south.

Strangely seems to be as unforgiving, if not more so than my Faildar......