Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random 1850 Marine List

Dunno why, just had a random thought.

Librarian w/ Null Zone, Avenger

2x 10 Sternguard, 2 missile launchers, 3 combi-meltas, 2 combi-flamers, Rhino

2x 10 Tacticals, multi-melta, meltagun, combi-melta, Rhino

Fast Attack
2x Land Speeder w/ multi-melta, heavy flamer

Heavy Support
2x 10 Devastators, 4 missile launchers, Rhino

Total - 1850

So, that's 30 marines sitting back with 12 missiles while 30 more drive up with multi-melta/melta+combi/combis and a Libby in support.  Also Speeders.  All units combat squad, Tacticals jack the Devs' Rhinos while the combi-filled Sternguard units take theirs.  Very MSU.  All it needs is some playtesting and a cute name.


freefall05 said...

Hey i went to MSU

HuronBH said...

I dub it the Chum-Bubbly Army. ;)

Stelek said...

Where is my link!?


Also, wtf is grainato?

Aaron said...

I really like the potential in a rhino rush MSU list.

For this one -

1. What's your counter-attack contingency?

2. Why not SW or BA codex? I don't think it's the reliance on null zone.

Tangents on #2 that I've been considering:

BA MSU/rhino rush. Units aren't allowed to disembark from a flat out moving vehicle right? What if a fast rhino/razor makes an 18" ram into another vehicle and wrecks? If you pass pinning you can now melta whatever survived. Plus, you potentially have FnP throw in for Kamikazee explosions and you made yourself a nice crater to take cover in.

Captain Kellen said...

Cannonball Run...

Stelek said...

How would a Rhino do that?

hyv3mynd said...

I dunno, I play Nids.

Aren't BA transports fast? Can't you ram 18" moving flat out? That's str 8 hit on itself against another rhino, ram a LR from 18" and you put a str10 hit on your own rhino? Pen6 yourself on the ram, drop out your marines and melta since they're no longer vehicle occupants. If not, you're still in your box and right in your enemy's face and they have to deal with you. Do that with 3 rhinos and you have a Stelek worthy ambush. Maybe.

islyfe said...
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Captain Kellen said...

@ Stelek - I was just trying out a cute name to see if it would catch on.