Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your Loganwing List

Hey m8 ,

Im Dave , its Farseer Dave on 40k forums.
I came across your ''logan wing'' List while reading through your blog . We play 1750 at tournaments over here in Ireland so I was hoping (if its not too much hastle) that you could point out how to best chop your list from 2k down to 1750. Becouse I rly like your list ^^.

this is your 2k List :

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath, Chooser of the Slain, Terminator Armor, Saga of the Beastslayer


2x Lone Wolf w/ Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield

10 Wolf Guard, 2 WGTs w/ cyclones, 1w/ combi-melta
3x 5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ cyclone, chainfist, 2w/ combi-meltas

Fast Attack

3x 1 TWC w/ powerfist, storm shield

Heavy Support

3x 5 Long Fangs, 4 w/ missile launchers

Total - 2000

Thanks In Advance , and all the best.

Sweet, another Oirishman.  You and TKE should hang out, he's Oirish right?  I have the best name for a 40k event for you: Lepre-con.  Has it been done already?  Sounds awesome.  Winner gets a pot of gold.

My cultural insensitivity aside, chopping down the Loganwing to 1750 is doable and fun.  You can go about it a couple ways, it all comes down to your preferred style of play.  At its core, the Loganwing is all about Logan, duh, and scoring Wolf Guard.  Wolf Guard make normal marines look like little girls while staying cheap and scoring.  Cyclones give them a powerful and versatile ranged attack as well as some extra punch in CC from the various stabby implements they can sport.  The key is keeping them cheap so you can spam and get plenty of dakka.

Beyond cheap bodies and firepower, Loganwing can run in many different ways.  It's all based on preference really.

If you want to field missile launchers all day, you have that option in the form of Long Fangs.  They aren't very durable, even with the added ablative wound an attached Wolf Guard supplies, but they are cheap and dish out a lot of firepower to augment your scoring dakka.  This kind of list cuts back on the mobility (Fangs have to normally stay static and vehicle count will be slim to none to prevent them from getting focused on and eliminated early) in exchange for a crazy number of missiles.  Dawn of War can be a bitch, as can having all foot, but it's very viable.

Vehicles are an option too.  Razorbacks, Typhoons and Rifleman Dreads fill a similar role to Long Fangs and missile spam and with their range they can avoid the common pitfalls of fielding a handful of vehicles in an otherwise all foot army, namely getting ganged up on with melta, all thanks to their long range and easy spammability.  Wolf Guard units can each sport a dedicated Razorback to give you extra AP2 guns as well as a cheap platform to shoot it from.  Hell, even Fangs can get a Razorback to help you fill out that FOC.

Drop Podding is an option for Loganwing too.  It gets you up close quicker, which is handy considering how nasty Wolves can be in assault, plus you can do fun stuff like Logan and his Relentless Multi-Melta loltastic Raider Rape Squad.  You'll suffer like any other Podding army from being at the mercy of your opponent's deployment and potentially tragic reserve rolls, but you have flexibility and can pop up anywhere to threaten your foe.

Combat elements are a good add on too.  Wolf Guard can put out a lot of firepower, but they're pretty slow.  Thunderwolf Cavalry and Lone Wolves give you extra reach in assault that doesn't prevent you from still shooting.  They're fast, smashy, durable and can be outfitted relatively cheaply.  They exist more for mop up and tying down problem units than anything else, so don't expect them to slap around TH/SS Termies or a Hive Tyrant and retinue.

Personally, I like having all the dakka and going all foot.  An ass load of missiles is more than capable of handling enemy armor and killing infantry with frags through sheer rate of fire.  Going all foot punishes anybody who goes too heavy on the anti-mech by rendering their meltas and single shot weapons largely useless.  Plus, since I can move and fire I can keep advancing to midfield while I blast away.  Mobility is always a problem, so I field cavalry and maybe Lone Wolves to give me more reach.

So, for 1750 I'd do something like this:

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest - Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath, Chooser of the Slain

3x Lone Wolves w/ Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Storm Shield

10 Wolf Guard, 2 WGTs w/ cyclones
3x 5 Wolf Guard, WGT w/ cyclone, chainfist

Fast Attack
5 Long Fangs, 3 lascannons, 1 heavy bolter
2x 5 Long Fangs, 4 missile launchers

Total - 1745

So, we've got the dakka coming in from all over the place.  Normally Logan joins the big unit and dishes out the S9, but I have the option to bring some S10 from the Fangs.  Lone Wolves run out front and do interference, forcing my opponent to either waste shots on them or let them run rampant.  And, of course, I've got mobile scoring units out the yin yang and plenty of CC to mop up wherever.

Keep in mind this is far from definitive, just what I would use myself.  Lemme know if this helps or if you come up with something different.


Kirby said...

I'd swap the 3LC/1HB LF squad to 2LC/2ML. You can still chuck out 2 S10 shots and 2 S9 shots with Logan or fire and move but Logan isn't 'forced' there and it gives you more versatility. We all know the HB is just an extra wound anyway =p.

Oh and if only LF really were Fast Attack...=D!

Venerable said...

I like the lone wolves. Hadn't properly considered them in a Loganwing force.

As a cut down from 2k, I'm quite surpirsed it didn't go 2x LW and 2xTWC?
Reduce the 3rd LF squad to the same as the others (5x, 4xML), maybe drop Chooser too.

Seems a shame to lose the mobility and extra threat in the opponents face of the TWC...not that I use them in my 'Wing.

Just thoughts.


Chumbalaya said...

Kirbs, that LF set up sounds good. I've been using the LC/HB bit for a while and it's always surprising how effective tank hunting heavy bolters can be on lighter armor, particularly stuff like Speeders, Sentinels, Rhinos and any DE vehicle. It would just come down to a desire for bodies and lazors or more versatility.

Ven, TWC is definitely an option here, don't get me wrong. I just went for the LW because they are the ultimate disposable unit. They're killy enough that you have to deal with them, but cheap enough that I don't care if you do. TWC would perform a similar role, they're just pricier and arguably less resilient. Dropping down the 10 man squad to 5 could easily allow you to fit in a good sized unit of TWC or two if that was your inclination.

Stormy said...

'Sweet, another Oirishman. You and TKE should hang out, he's Oirish right?'
TKE's a Nordie. Basically there's 2 of them: Irish and British. He's the latter. If you get those mixed up in certain parts of the world you die. Really.

Well, not TKE personally but some people up there would kill you for it. Or take a swing at security at a match after Glentoran lose to Cork City in the Setanta Cup final and they're being wound up...

'I have the best name for a 40k event for you: Lepre-con. Has it been done already? Sounds awesome.'
Yes. Yes it has.

@Dave: you get around boy don't you?

I've ran something similar to this and I found that I *really* missed Melta when things got close. It might just be my sucky shooting but having that extra bit of punch would make them more dangerous at short range.

I'd throw in some pets for the Lone Wolves so they can take a bit more punishment and attract a bit more attention.

They'll probably do a better job in this list than TWC too - the Cav have to race ahead of the army but with no vehicles to attract attention they'll take the brunt of the firepower and/or get tank-shocked away because there's no-one to boost their Ld or with Saga of Majesty nearby.

Logan? He'll be with either the Fangs or the big Wolf Guard to buff them.

Just some stuff I've seen in my games.

The_King_Elessar said...

TKE? That guy's name is like what my name is!

I have no advice, just witty repartee.

Farseer Dave said...

Hey Chumbalaya , tnks very much for a great Post m8. Ill have to give some of your ideas a spin around my club see what happens.

@ Stormy , yeah m8 I get around ^^ I like my Blogs :) .
tnks for chipping in your 0.02 euro

btw Stormy I assume you will be at Gealcon ?, dont think Iv ever met you in person actually.

Farseer Dave.