Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lemanade [sic] for Your Loganwing

My Dearest Chumby,

It is with a joyous heart that I write you to wish you congratulations on your recent campaign in Virginia.  Though you were not ultimately victorious, the impact of your actions will be enshrined in history.

While discussing the events of the 13th -15th with some compatriots of mine, a number of questions concerning...

Man i was totally going to write you a letter in the grand tradition of the civil war letter.  Turns out its hard and that genre mixing is a tricky best.  Let me start over in a completely new style:


Congrats on your success at NOVA!  Also a special thank you for providing the viewing public with an actual interesting set of interviews as filler between the lingering shots of the red chairs and the walls.  Looking over your Loganwing list, it looks fun as hell (and fairly cheap as well).  This is definitely something i'd dick around with on vassel.  However, since most of my experience deals with fruity space elves in their indestructo-tanks, I could really sue some advice on using this army.

How does it deploy?  What do you do with all the lone wolves and wolf riders.  Where do the rune priest and logan go?  That kind of thing.


Thanks Lauby.  I had a blast, as you can see from the reports I have so conveniently posted.  Wait...  Glad I could entertain and inform people too; the podcasting thing was brilliant and I had a great time doing it.

I'm going to be posting up battle reports of all my games, so hopefully that will give you some insight as to how the Loganwing works.  If there's anything lacking, lemme know and I can give you a more dedicated walkthrough.  


Lauby said...

wewt. Thanks a bunch, duder!

Lancelot said...

I'm doing a Loganwing army now and i'm looking forward to seeing your batreps.