Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update: Daemonic 'Ard Boyz List for Fantasy

Zanos and I spent some more time trying to hash this out over on Vassal last night.  We pulled up his list of models and, under those restrictions, came up with a pretty good list.

Here's what he's got:
Sigvald = Masque
Crom = Kherald
Epi = Nurgald on Palaquin
50 Bloodletters
20 Plaguebearers
30 Horrors
10 Daemonettes
5 Hounds
3 Flamers
6 Bloodcrushers
any number of proxies for Changeling

It's a lot of models, but all lends itself to the same "run up and say hi, rawr, smash" style of play.  Adding in smaller, speedier units helps considerably I think.  Now it's 2 big rocks nobody wants to fight, the ridiculously killy BT and a good amount of casting from the Horrors and Tzerald.  Hounds, 'nettes, and Flamers give it some flexibility and mobility which is sorely needed.

Zanos' Daemonic 'Ard Boyz

Bloodthirster of Khorne, Obsidian Armour, Axe of Khorne, Immortal Fury - 550

The Masque of Slaanesh - 90 points

Herald of Khorne, Obsidian Armour - 150 points

Herald of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Spellbreaker - 165

Herald of Nurgle, Noxious Vapours, Slime Trail, palanquin, BSB, great icon of despair - 300

core - 40 bloodletters, FC, endless war - 535

31 horrors, standard, icon of sorcery, the changeling - 459

20 plaguebearers, FC, icon of seeping decay - 295

10 daemonettes, FC, siren standard - 175

special - 5 flesh hounds - 175

rare = 3 flamers - 105



Anonymous said...

Nice amount of models! How do you plan to deploy your letters, 10x4?

Chumbalaya said...

Yep, they're hording it up. I'm not sure if it'll work, but 30 WS5 S5 attacks with KB and Hatred is hard to pass up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I cant't think of a unit that survives more than 2 rounds of combat against that horde :)

What is the purpose of that small daemonette unit?

I would take 2x5 furies for blocking or warmachine hunting!

Chumbalaya said...

Daemonettes are there because he doesn't have any Seekers. Cheap and mobile to hit flanks or go after shooters, fast cav and war machines. Siren Banner comes in handy here.

I'd like Furies too, as well as Seekers and Fiends, but he simply doesn't have the models.

Anonymous said...

Zanos here, Chumby basically said it all. I'm the only regular Daemon player in my area so I had to go on gut feelings and money allowances - and it looks like some of those gut feelings are screwing me over...Christmas this year though, I'll have Chumby help me out. And anyone else that wants to help.