Monday, November 16, 2009


First off, I'm 18 yayz!!!

More to my point I have a somewhat critical decision to make. Dwarfs or Beast of Chaos? These where the two armies I tried out when I first started playing Fantasy. Shortly after however I decided that I don't like Fantasy and left them both collecting dust in my basement. However Chum tells me that Fantasy is going to have a new edition coming out, apparently the current one is not great, and I've decided to give Fantasy another try when this new edition comes out, hoping that it's not glorified checkers like the current edition. So I need to know which army I should choose my Dwarfs or my Beasts.(keep in mind I have no substantial numbers of either army.) Some of you might ask why should I pick only one, why not try both out with the new edition? The answer to that question is me and Chum and doing some spring cleaning soon, by which I mean purging our armies of all things unnecessary. So any feed back would be great, thanks.

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Chumbalaya said...

You're best bet is to figure out what you want out of the army. Why do you want to play it? Do you want an all conquering optimal list made to raise hell in tournies and give you and your opponent a challenging, tactical game?
Do you want a fluffy representation of your favorite faction so you can re-enact old battles or create new stories?
Is there a particular style of play or build you want to run?
Do you want to just collect a bunch of cool looking toy army men and paint them up pretty?

Once you figure out what you want out of it, it'll be much easier picking the army for you. Do some research, read a book (for once :P), or just ogle pretty dollies.

I've got Skaven because they're just effing cool, plus they have a viable and flexible ruleset and style of play that fits me. I've got Daemons cuz they're cheap and I can play in both systems. I've got DE for fluffage and awesome models (Corsairs and Cold One Knights), but I'm probably giving up that pipe dream for now.

If it's any help, the new edition is set to drop this coming summer, Beasts are getting redone in Feb/March (right after bugs, you lucky sumbitch), Dwarfs aren't getting redone any time soon.