Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey, where did we go? I dunno, must have been cool though; too cool to tell you about.

So here's my take on a pure Skryre army. Makes Dwarfs cry.

Lords/Heroes (855)
Ikit Claw (395)
Warlock Engineer-level 2, Warp Energy Condenser, Doom Rocket (150)
Warlock Engineer-level 2, Warpmusket, Warlock Optics, Dispel Scroll (160)
Warlock Engineer-level 2, Skavenbrew (150)

Core (749)
2x Clanrats-24, shields, full command, Doom Flayer (183)
Clanrats-24, shields, full command, Poisoned Wind Mortar (199)
Slaves-31, musician (64)
2x Slaves-20, slings, musician (52)

Special (465)
2x 6 Jezzails (120)
6 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Bombardier, 1 Poisoned Wind Mortar (130)
9 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Bombardier (95)

Rare (180)
2x WLC


So, we've got shooting out the ass. 12 Jezzails, 15 PWG, 2 Mortars, 2 WLC, slings, and a musket for laughs. Magic like it's crazy, with 11 powerdice plus Ikit's bound spell and 7 dispel dice plus a scroll. Skavenbrew buffs up the big slave unit and they go run at somebody, combine with Death Frenzy and you get lols. The sniper goes with the big unit of PWG and they chill in the woods sniping and watching their flank. Ikit and the Doom rocketeer go with clanrats and zzap zzap things while mortars lob death and Doomflayers + slaves guard against assaulters.

I picked Slaves because Giant Rats don't fit fluff (I wish I would have taken some of them, Skavenbrew makes them nasty) and I can fit into assaults with Slaves. I think I might be safer running a BSB instead of the sniperlock to keep my lines in check, but losing out on zappy magic makes me a sad panda. Anything that can run that gauntlet deserves to eat me :P

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