Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This army list was too sneaky, I wrote it up a couple days ago but it mysteriously vanished O_o

Lords/Heroes (725)
Eshin Sorceror (Warlock Engineer)-level 1, Dispel Scroll, Warpmusket, Warlock Optics (125)
Snikch (270)
Assassin-Infernal Bomb, Smoke Bombs (160)
Assassin-Warpstone Stars (170)

Core (767)
Stormvermin-19, shields, full command, Storm Banner, Poisoned Wind Mortar (292)
Night Runners-25, Warp Grinder (235)
3x Night Runners-10, slings (80)

Special (756)
Gutter Runners-9, Black Skaven w/ Weeping Blade, Warp Grinder (210)
Gutter Runners-9, poison, slings, Warp Grinder (222)
2x Gutter Runners-9, poison, slings (162)


A bunch of worthless rats running around. 3 tunnel teams, 1 of which is a big ranked up unit to hit somebody's rear and cause a ruckus. The real stars of the show are the 3 Assassins, a Triad for anybody who played the Storm of Chaos Eshin list (why the devil wasn't that made into a Rare choice in the new book?). Warpstone Stars kill monsters, Bomb and Smoke Bombs can do all sorts of amusing things, and Snikch isn't called the Deathmaster for nothing.

The Stormvermin are there to protect the general and give my a Storm Banner, also a Poisoned wind Mortar will help bring down armor targets, a constant problem for Eshin armies.

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