Friday, November 6, 2009

Doom army

Fun times with new Skaven. Considering how many units and items have the "Doom" moniker, I figured an army featuring them heavily would be high-larious. The result is a surprisingly assaulty Skaven army, painting up in silver and green like everyone's favorite Latverian ruler.

2000 Skaven "Doom" army
Ikit Klaw "Dr. Doom"
Warlock Engineer "Doombot"-level 2, Doom Rocket, Warp Energy Condenser
Warlock Engineer "Doombot"-level 2, Dispel Scroll, Warlock Optics, Warp Musket

3x Doomrats-24, shields, full command, Doom Flayer
2x 20 Doomslaves

2x Gutter Runners-5
2x 6 Jezzails

2x Doomwheel


Well, we've got 6 units with Doom in their name, plus Dr. Doom himself. Come on, supreme sorceror and inventor with a metal mask, who else is it gonna be? Doom and his clones sit with Clanrats lobbing magic while the Doomwheels and Doomflayers set up to run into people and make them go squish. GRs march block, hunt war machines, or whatever. Jezzails blast things. Slaves die, horribly and hilariously.

I love this book, more as it comes to me.

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