Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a nice guy, you assholes

Sometimes people say I go too far, I'm too mean, or sarcastic, or saucy (but never too sexy). Well, maybe I can address that.

I am the way I am because I feel that sometimes we get a little too "serious business" about our hobby. It's toy soldiers guys (and gal, I didn't forget you). When people get so invested in themselves, their egos take over and we get all sorts of high school drama bullshit that plagues the interbutts. I don't like that very much, so I like to shake things up and show those manbabies that they're going nuts over dollies.

Is it trolling? Maybe a little, but it's not intended to just piss people off. If you get mad about somebody saying something snarky (woo, alliteration!) about your dissertation on the finer points of going pew pew with your army men, maybe you need to step back and remember why we do this: to go pew pew with our army men.

I love this hobby and everyone in it. Sure we disagree on some things, but we're all here because we enjoy the same stuff (the aforementioned pew pewing). Getting entrenched in one particular "camp" and lashing out at anybody who dares oppose you is a quick way to divide the player base and start more stupid internet drama bullshit. Where's the love, man?

You know how we all have that metaphorical devil and angel on our shoulders. Think of me as the crazy 3rd guy with the helmet and pads living in your ankle because I can't afford rent anywhere else thanks to my shitty credit caused by my ex buying all sorts of ridiculous shit with my card and never paying for it. Whore. Umm, anyway, I'm not afraid to call anybody out on saying something stupid or to just shake things up so people can get a different perspective, but I do it because I love the hobby and want everyone to have a better experience. If it takes me acting like a clown over the intertubes so be it, it's fun for me anyway.

So, I guess my rambling can be distilled into a couple main points:
1) Why so serious?
2) Let's put a smile on that face.
3) Introduce a little anarchy.
4) The Dark Knight is a totally awesome movie.
5) Brush your teeth twice a day.


Unknown said...

Whats shook your tree?

RuntMcRory said...

As an often victim of so called "Ultrahate" I can relate. I tend to just let it slide but sometimes the vitriol I get just because I paint my toys blue is a tad pathetic.

Chumbalaya said...

Nothing in particular inspired me, I was just watching the Dark Knight and musing on internet idiocy. Seems like a fun little topic.

Unknown said...

Is good topic for a rant :)